Blue Moonshine, Strawberry Cough, LSD Grow! R420

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  1. Hey GC well let me tell you the story

    For those who know me, know that I have a grow room under construction, all I need are the
    Waterfarms, and a few other things. I will be growing many many different strains in that room. I will post a link once that is completed and I have log up.

    But for now, I am able to use a friends Aerogarden.
    We both have bad anxiety and my friend has awful headaches.
    Here are the strains we picked,

    Today I ordered
    1x Blue Moonshine - Feminized
    1x Strawberry Cough - Feminized
    1x LSD - Feminized

    Ive seen big plants grow in aerogardens, but I dont know whether I should do 1, 2, or all three plants at one time, because I dont want the roots to get tangled. Has anyone got advice for me on how many plants would be safe to grow at once?

    I love advice and comments so please let me get your oppion
    If you have any tips for growing in the Aero garden please post it.
    +Rep if you can help and +rep for me if you like the thread please

    I'll be posting pics and updates frequently so please subscribe

    Well I already ordered the seeds and heres the setup I'm using.

    Let me know what you think!

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  2. Any comments?
  3. just finished growing lsd..she was 5ft...ionno bout that aero many watts is the light??
    here is a link to my grow...

  4. Very nice, how tall did it get? and is it good for LST?

    Anyone on GC ever used an aerogarden?
  5. cant help ya with the aerogarden but suscribed for sure
  6. mine got 5ft and you can LST it no prob. she is a very strong girl
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  8. Anyone ever grown out of an Aerogarden?
  9. :hello:sorry dude. im all soil.
  10. you got any progress pictures with that aerogarden or even start yet?
  11. I've not grown in an aerogarden myself but I've heard good things so long as you supplement the lighting and watch the water you should be ok. As for the root question I'm really not sure (soil man myself). Good luck, I'll be interested to see how you do!
  12. Pfmohr1: thanks for tuning in
    noinch noinch: I ordered the seeds yesterday
  13. Whats up homie!

    Im subscribed!

    Just recieved my Crimea Blue and Burmese Kush seeds today, they're in germ!

    Good Luck, its gonna be fun!
  14. Dying to know what you think of the LSD... Any tips you'd like to pass on? How's it smoke?
  15. not sure how it smokes yet but have an lsd in progress right now. check it out if you want.
  16. Yo, I have LSD in my journal, femmed from Barney's even took a few clones but its in the paid members section. I have another batch of LSD curing, I think it is the best high from Barney's and the most hardy plant that they sell.

    I have Barney's Blue cheese, LSD and Red dragon in my project room.
  17. Thanks send me a link once you make one for the log
  18. Thats a strong endorsement, Usual! I just harvested some Red Dragon - are you comparing the LSD to the Red Dragon?

    R420 - 'sup my man! Those are some nice strains - I'll have to keep my eye on this one! Quick question though - why did you choose to grow in an aerogarden? is this your first grow? If it is, it seems to me the easiest path is the path well traveled (or something like that). Soil is by far the easiest, most forgiving method and it is by no means expensive!

    ... Just sayin'.....! I wanna see you do good & I am high! :smoking:
  19. Because my friend has one hes allowing me to use for free and he also suffers from anxiety so I picked out those three strains for us. As you know I have another grow room under construction that should be done soon.
  20. Yo, I don't think its really fair to compare LSD and Red dragon as they are very different and I like them both. Im more of an Indica dude so the LSD is more up my street. The Red dragon is very nice to smoke and a pleasure to grow and it taste superb but the high off the LSD is out of this world with a lush taste. On looks and taste I would go with dragon but the LSD is knock out stuff.

    I have some cured Red dragon and LSD right here, Im going to take some pictures for my journal later before its all been vaped. Im a huge Barney's fan and have tried most of thier strains, for the moment LSD, Sweet tooth and Blue cheese are my favorites but there are still a few I have yet to discovery.


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