Blue Moon Rocks Day 43. 400 watt HPS.

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  1. Here is a picture of my current grow. Im growing in a 400 watt HPS cabinet. These are all Blue Moon Rocks grown in Coco.

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  2. Day 43 of flowering, or total? Looks great!
  3. Looks fuckin great bro. You're gonna have a lot o' buds come harvest!

  4. That was day 43 of flower. Thanks man! Im stoked! That picture was taken 8 days ago, they have blown up since then. I need to take some better pictures soon.
  5. Looks real good man, Did you do alot of trimming to the base of your stem? I noticed that for the first 6 inches or so of your plant look alot different than mine
  6. I have to say I am impressed with the bud formation you got going on. You must have perfect conditions. And under one 400 watter?! How long till harvest? I wanna see some more pics bro!
  7. Thanks man! I did do a lot of trimming the first few weeks of flower. I trimmed everything that i thought would be lacking light. Those plants are packed in so tight that light is not penetrating that far down. Do you have any pictures up of your plants? Im curious to see how they look.
  8. Grow look great that looks like a lot for a 400 watter but looks like a killer yield. What genetics are in Blue Moon Rocks?
  9. Thanks again man! Last time i grew this strain i harvested at 65 days and today is 51 so another couple weeks. Im going to take some more pictures today. They have grown a lot since that last picture was taken!

    Yeah that light is just a 400 watt hps with an xtra sun ballast, nothing too special. Im impressed with how well it is working.
  10. thats looking great so far, gonna be a great harvest. cant wait to see updated pics.
  11. Thank You! Blue Moon Rocks is made by BOG and is Blue Moon x BogBubble.

    Here is a link that tells you all about it.

    Blue Moon Rocks Seeds from BOG Seeds - Marijuana Seeds Review
  12. Thanks I will definitely check em out

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