blue monkeys....rolling nuts

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  1. So I'm basically rolling nuts on some blue monkeys right now.

    I will say that the burn and the drips are so damn painful, just straight pain throughout my whole side of face...followed by a complete head numbness.

    So yeah. Just thought I'd share. rolling pretty good, just seeing if anyone else has had these before...

    oh and they were like white in the core, and the people i got them from say it's cut with heroin and MDA.

    Any ideas on that?
  2. Lol @ heroin

  3. Heroin seems like a really unlikely/shitty cut for some X. Usually they cut it with something that will speed you up some so you think its strong shit.
  4. Used to rail my E... now im getting pure mdma in mine, i just chute them:)

    But i dont want to make a fool out of you, but did you powder it good lol? because if your gettin alot of drips and numbness it could be because there is a chunk of that H stuck up there

    EDIT'D: Forgot, have fucking fun on your trip, I just had my bi-weekly quota of E, first day of school went out to a park watched the sun set =]
  5. Man...There isn't any H in pills...
  6. Pisses me off though... Fuck pcp and people who cut with meth. Luckily i puked on that one accidental meth'd trip, luckily
  7. Yeah, I don't really believe the shit I get is cut with what they say... all my friends always say we get some coked up/heroin laced pills and shit and I try to tell them, but they just won't let it go....but oh well.

    And as for when I blew it, my friend was at that pill with a razor for like 10min and it was a nicely, nicely fine ground powder, absolutely no chunks.

    But still burned like a bitch. But yeah, my rolls been alright, not really like the best I've had, and def not worth 25 bucks for the 2, but fuck it, what can you do?

    I've been on and off rolling all day since I took them...but it's all good.

    So for my friends who still are firm in their belief of the "heroin" and "coke" pills we there anything I can like link them to or explain to them that they're wrong? Cause I'm getting tired of trying to be realistic when they wanna keep fooling themselves.
  8. Well what they think is coke is probably speed
    what they think heroin could be ketamine or dxm or something else
  9. Yeah, I try telling them that but they're just so strong set in their beliefs that they are getting heroin and coke pills. Because a while ago I posted about some rolls and how I was saying I thought some were cut with coke and others with heroin, and a bunch of different people told me otherwise, and how they explained it it made sense. And I'm trying to convince them otherwise, so they're just not kidding themselves.

    I also want to know what these blues had in them, but I won't ever find out I highly doubt.

    I mean, I've been feeling a little rolling and shit, a bit more talkative and a slight case of the "touchies" but now I'm also pretty tired, so def some k or whatever in them.

    I dunno. It was a pretty good roll, but for 25 I could've done so much better I think.

    Meh, what happens happens.

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