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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by DevilRed, Jan 8, 2004.

  1. Okay- New Grow Journal here.

    Im growing some "Blue Misty" from seed.

    Jan 7, the seed just cracked its shell and started to germinate. I put it in a 16oz pot for it to root in.

    No reason for pics just yet.
    Once it sprouts ill post pics of its progress and if its actually "blue" looking
  2. Well I do know how to clone, and ive now grown two indoor crops off of some clones.

    But this is from seed. I purchased from a seedbank in Europe. I got ten seeds. I figured I would start one now, and if it ends up being a lady.......well great, I will grow her as a mum and plant a good half dozen or so Blue Misty clones in the spring.

    But anyhow. For the first bit the seed will just be kept near about 200w of floro's. Ive got warm whites and actual growing floros. Once it gets a few sets of leaves Ill move it over more toward the HPS. I have 225w of HPS also in the room.

    The light I have about 400w total has produced some solid plants so far of my white widow so i expect nothing less with this Blue Misty.

    Im hop'n for it to break the soil by Jan 9, 10 at the latest.

    Ill post pics as they come.
  3. Well heres a update, nothing special. Still just a little sprout with its first set of leaves. The second set look to be starting. This is a slow growing plant.

    I think if it is a male i will cross it with some white widow ladies i widow or white misty :)
  4. Here "it" is, i hope "it" becomes a "she"

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  5. good luck ill be followin ur grow up
  6. Seed germed Jan 7, today Jan 22

    So two weeks since germination
    Look'n good!

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  7. is that snow??? :) gawd i hate that stuff! looking good though!
  8. Yes it is snow, and I too hate it!

    As for the seedling. As it has been growing, I have been filling a little more soil in the cup as you can see. This kept the initial stretch in check and the plant from being flimsy.

    But now its groing leaves, no more stretching, and it looks to be a bushy little bugger.
  9. One week since the last pic
    So here we go, looking very healthy!
    (just watered it)

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  10. @ two weeks since germ its 3.75 inches from soil to the top leaf.

    I expect it to really start to take off now, as the last few days its been growing fast.

    Another 10 days it will go in a bigger pot
  11. Really. I wonder why the sunlight on the roots is bad?

    Ive been doing it this way with success????

    I like the clear container, it allows me to see how heavy the roots are and how close transplanting I am. Maybe ill wrap some dark paper around it to kepp the light out.
  12. About a month since germ.

    Here we are, about 6" tall.

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  13. Very healthy plant. Was put in a 3 gallon bucket 3 days ago.
    Miracle grow soil 70%/ 30% black potting soil.

    No sign of it being "blue" of any sort yet. I plan to sex it at 12-14".

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  14. 225HPS and 130w of floros.

    It should have plenty of light. Ive harvest some monsters already with this amount of lighting.

    Its just young still, i think in the next few weeks it will really start to thick'n up , it has this week.
  15. cute plant, i like the name of the strain, sounds really poetical and all.

    n e ways, good luck i'll be watching ur grow!

    smoke off!
  16. Closest I can get this one is 10-12" right now because of its small size. The others are larger and as close as i can get them without burning them.

    Its still young thats why it looks thin.
  17. Bob-
    Yea i think the plant could tollerate the 4" away. But ive got 2 other plants in the room that are about 3 feet tall and 3 weeks into flowering, so i have to have the lights high. I can't get my little guy any closer, ive already got it stacked up on some empty pots etc.
  18. See you can see some of the plants are much taller thus I have trouble get'n the little one close right now.

    Another 4 weeks they will be done flowering though and the room devoted to here and two others here size.

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  19. You can not see it in the picture but there is another 150w HPS up a bit higher out of the picture. Also for size comparison, the two large plants on the left near the floro's are 3 feet tall, and 2 weeks into flowering

    Last grow of equal sized plants, each yielded a few grams over a 1/2 each.

    But yes........closer would be nice, but for now its the best she gets :)

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