Blue Mammoth, Afghan Kush Ryder, & Super Sonic Cristal Storm autoflower grow journal

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    Back again, just finished my nirvana bubblelicious grow, have started this auto grow for the last two and a half weeks (not sure how long exactly).

    I had the time to update every weekend on my last grow, this one will be more random, I just don't have the time...with that said, here are my grow specs for this grow.


    2'x2'x4.5' Grow Tent
    200 cfm exhaust fan
    4" insulated ducting
    Fan speed controller
    Phresh Carbon Filter
    4x 2 gal smart pots

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil (mixed with about 25% peat moss and 25% perlite)
    Fox Farm Trio
    Dutch Masters Liquid Light/Penetrator
    Black Strap Molasses
    Birth Control (read my previous journal if you wanna know why I use it)
    Purple Max and Gravity by Humboldt Country

    250w HPS/MH w/ digital ballast
    Turned on at 'Super Lumens'
    Will add some supplemental CFL lighting if the plants get too big for the light

    This is my second autoflower grow, my first was Nirvana Short Rider, I had a short rider seed in a 1 gal pot for this grow, but sadly it did not make it. If you guys have any questions, just ask. Again I will not be updating this journal as frequently as my last, but I will update when I can! :wave:

    Btw I'm growing...
    1x Barney Farm Blue Mammoth
    1x Samsara Seeds Super Sonic Cristal Storm
    2x World of Seeds Afghan Kush Ryder
  2. Forgot to add pics...goodbye :hippie:

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    Well I can't post pics for some reason, so I'll update. I've been on a 20 hour on 4 hour off light cycle the entire grow. I've fed them twice now, they are taking full FFOF nutes no problem, no burning what so ever.

    I've also been spraying each one down with the Dutch Masters mix every two or three days, stuff is strong, so I don't go overboard, the plants handle that very well too, no burning at all.

    The super sonic is growing very fast, and very tall (looks to have a dom sativa pheno), will be very large I'm guessing...the amount of space I have is amazing, from working with a 9 inch wide space to 2 feet...250w lamp, I love it. The Blue Mammoth is getting huge but very squat must be a dom indica it's has cheese and blueberry genetics I believe. My bigger Afghan Kush is still growing large and tall, the runt is doing well, takes the same nutes as the other plants, just a slow grower.

    I'll post pics when it starts working, thanks blades! :wave:
  4. OKay guys FINALLY able to upload pics...these pics were taken when I posted last. I'll take pics today to really show how far along they are, these pics do no justice. The Supersonic is starting to get lengthy from that sativa dom pheno, the blue mammoth is staying bushy, short and squat, nice indica. I have one afghan kush ryder doing very well and bushing out like crazy, and the other just hanging on. Leaves feel a bit dry, I'm going to check the ph of my runoff water, I bet that's the issue. If not...time for GC to help again! Later blades :wave:

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  5. 1st, 3rd, and 4th Pic

    Front two from left to right: 'Afghan Kush Ryder' - 'Blue Mammoth'
    Back two from left to right: 'Afghan Kush Ryder' - 'Super Sonic Cristal Storm"

    2nd pic

    Front two from left to right: 'Super Sonic Cristal Storm' - 'Afghan Kush Ryder'
    Back two from left to right: 'Afghan Kush Ryder' - 'Blue Mammoth'

    I like to move my plants around so there is somewhat of an equal distribution of light to each plant.

    I've added some diy co2, haha, just some yeast and sugar with water...been shaking it up and releasing gas every once in awhile, I put it in the back left of the tent, the fan blowing air directly above it, figured that might do something, who knows.

    Been feeding them all flowering nutes now, have some grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom, molasses, and birth control water aerating right now, will feed probably Monday, they need water/food almost every other day. I spray with Dutch Masters every day, and when I see some more growth I'll add humboldt country products, gravity and purple maxx.

    I really wish I could tell you exactly when I started this grow, I really should have wrote that shit down...I completely forgot after setting this tent up, and harvesting my last grow. Got sidetracked. Ohh well, I'll go back through the forums and see if I can figure it out. Till next update blades! Later. :bongin:

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  6. plants look good
    def indica dom genes on them
    should finish nicely

    what kind of fan and speed controlller you have btw
  7. Hey man, thanks for stopping by! :wave:

    Very excited about this grow, been growing photoperiod for awhile, the faster flowering time is so nice I must admit.

    The fan is a 'Duct Fan "Speedster" Speed Adjuster! Later man :bongin:
  8. Didn't see this, my bad. My fan is...Sunleaves WindTunnel Inline Fan - 4" 200 CFM...

    ..pretty quiet fan, and moves a lot of air. LAter :bongin:
  9. Took some pics yesterday, they are all flowering and are all females! :smoke: The Super Sonic is very lengthy, maybe some sativa pheno, but she's filling out with buds nicely.

    Both Afghan Kush Ryders are doing well, the runt is picking up the pace a bit and is growing nice.

    The Blue Mammoth is a the slow one, flowered last, but it does have a 70 day seed-harvest, and thats from the breeder, so I'm assuming I may have to go 70-90 days worst case. I'm willing and have the time, but I hope she finished faster than 90 haha.

    Will stop foliar feeding in the next week or so to prevent mold, well till the next update blades! :bongin:

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  10. Just wanted to post some fairly recent pics of these auto's starting to flower and fatten up. The supersonic storm is flowering very fast probably another 4 weeks, smells a little sweet and skunky, the blue mammoth is going to be a late flowering plant 70+ days easy, both afghans looks good but the runt of the two looks like it will have a much smaller yield, it's no problem, I'm very happy with what I'm getting. LAter blades! :smoke:

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  11. Does your fan hum with the speed controller? Lots of people including myself had problems trying to put inline blowers on speed controllers.

  12. Yes, initially when it kicks on I hear that buzz for about 10 minutes. Once it warms up a bit though it tends to get muffled a bit, but not a ton. I almost prefer it on the full speed variation rather than controlled speed.
  13. People posted product reveiws for the spedster controller saying after a few months it quitl working
    I don't think its designed for the blowers

    Be careful the controller don't fail
    If the controller goes out I would assume its possible the fan would go out with it
    Just a thought

  14. Thanks for the heads up, if that's the case I'm just going to take the thing out of my tent and have just my fan plugged in at full speed, the fan itself is actually very quiet, and my insulated ducting helps a lot. Thanks again :wave:
  15. Everything is growing nicely, these pics were taken yesterday. The Super Sonic is my heavy flowerer right now, then the biggest AKR, then the next AKR runt, then the Blue Mammoth. The Blue Mammoth looks like it will be a high yielder, just a very slow maturing plant. I'm feeding full strength nutes now, will start humbolt products soon, and I have stopped foliar feeding as of a week or two ago.

    The only smell coming from the tent is skunk, the Super Sonic is getting a sweeter fruiter smell, both AKR have a lemon skunk smell, and the Blue Mammoth has no smell what so ever, I'm sure that will change soon though.
    Till next time blades :bongin:

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  16. Hey guys, took these pics today. Seem to be growing nicely.
    Super Sonic is in the back left, to the right of it is the Afghan Kush runt, in the front left wI have the blue mammoth, and to the right of that the very healthy afghan kush ryder.

    This will be my best grow to date, with the light and with the extra space I have a lot more growth then I've ever had. Excited for harvest, and my next photo. grow after this one. :devious:

    Later blades :bongin:

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  17. Lookin' like some hefty buds.. very nice.

  18. Thank you, I'm excited for this harvest! :hello:

    Thanks for stopping by man :smoking:
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    Back again blades, took some pics of my girls.

    Pic 1-Afghan Kush Ryder (runt)
    Pic 2 & 3- Afghan Kush Ryder (biggest AKR of the two)
    Pic 4- Super Sonic Cristal Storm
    Pic 5 & 6- Tent pics with plants inside. Front row from left to right are AKR, & Super Sonic - Back row from left to right AKR, Blue Mammoth

    The two AKR and the SSCS will probably need 3-4 weeks give or take, I will flush the last two weeks.

    The Blue Mammoth is taking her sweet time :rolleyes:
    No problem with that, she has been a pain in the ass a bit though, looks very healthy, leaves are healthy and green still (since it's so much younger than the other 3). It's a very temperamental strain when you water/feed, I go about two days before I have to water, with the Blue Mammoth if I don't water right when it needs it the leaves droop, when I water before the leaves droop the leaves end up drooping anyways (like I overwatered)...they always bounce back, ph is normal, runoff is normal, plant is normal, just being weird. ohh well..till next time blades :smoking:

    *After getting high and going through the threads/dates...I have decided (for those interested) that this is day 43-45 since they all popped from the soil. I've kind of lost track of time..but I'm happy with the progress. Thanks blades :smoking:

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  20. looks awesome man, can't wait to see the harvest

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