Blue Lily Studios "Chalice" [Pics+Milk]

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  1. This is a piece from Blue Lily Studios and it's dubbed The Chalice. It's a glass-on-glass version of the classic Rastafarian bong, which was a coconut base and a bamboo straw.


    and here's some high-def milk:
  2. sweet deal... i like it
  3. Come on guys, 45 views and 1 response?

  4. Very badass bong, looks fragile though enjoy it
  5. smoking a bowl right next to what seems to be a finely working da buddha, how rude of you!
    Da buddha vapor bong is next level man.
  6. btw... i suggest investing in a keck clip for the neck/base connection.. don't wanna have a stoner moment and try and lift it.. the joints are stuck together.. and you're not thinking about the gong connection and then it pops loose.. and boom goes the dynamite.. or rather the base.. or a friend tries to lift it.. possible oh shit scenarios.. all signs point to keck clip

  7. keck clips for the win. I'd definitely get one. So hows that bad boy hit? Can you get different tubes that fit that joint? that would be pretty damn sweet

  8. Yeah I got a keck clip with it, but the glass actually narrows directly above the 14mm joint, so the neck still slips lol. I just use Joint Wax and it works fine. Plus, the shop assured me that they'd fix it free of charge if I had an accident, because I did mention the fragility whilst bargaining.

  9. I know man, a friend of mine broke my GonG adapter, and I don't like just holding the mouthpiece to the open joint. Will post some skim milk when my new adapter comes in.

  10. If that joint is 14mm like my bong the Tubing should fit right in with a perfect seal.
  11. That bong is cool af
  12. sweet bong man. I've always wanted a chalice in hand.

    [ame=]12 inch Carlton Livingston - chalice in hand - powerhouse records - YouTube[/ame]

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