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Blue Lights = Awwwww Shit motherfuckinhell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. pulled over, no weed on me thank god, i was takin newgirlfriend and her friend home, i was supposed to be home at 12, it was 12 30 and its an hour trip to her house...

    so i had cruise control set to 70 takin her home...then i see a car pull over on the shoulder and think..hmm..odd..then it clicks in my head just what the fuck he is doing..and in the exact instance that it clicks just what the fuck he is doing, he makes it very clear what the fuck he is doing by turning on his blue lights...i extremely rapidly, with the speed of a kid that just got pulled over not wearing his seat belt...but on my seatbelt...then my second priority became to calm down these two girls that were with, i was the one in trouble and i had to calm them down...anyhow, he got me for 72 in a doesnt say the fine on there anywhere...but..fuuuuuuuuck
  2. I do so feel your pain norm!!!!!! At least you wont get a reckless driving ticket and at least you had no drugs on you at the time!!!!!! So I'll smoke a bowl for your shitty night that you had!!!! Just send me a lil good karma so I can see how my ordeal with the cops is going to go.

    They are talking about rehab instead of jail time but nothing is finalized yet. But I will definitely lose my right to practice nursing. And I was suspended from work until I'm found not guilty but they have me dead to rights on this one. Oh well, shit happens I guess, but I would really appreciate all the good karma you could send my way.

    But I still hate to hear that the cops wouldnt let you slide and just give you a warning!!! Like I said, this bowl is for you!!!!!
  3. oh yes, my shit is trivial compared to yours..but a pain in the ass nonetheless...and yeah, i can muster up more karma for ya:D

    and dont forget, you can claim sanctuary in the church any time
    . o o .

    to many one of em i made...but didnt..or did i..i guess i wont know if it works til i post....almost like spongebob
  4. LOL..........that smilie does kinda look like sponge bob's retarded older brother!!!!!! LMAO. I'm sorry for the trouble that the law has caused you........I do hope your insurance doesn't raise (that would indeed suck as if getting the ticket wasn't bad enough)!!!!!

    Church.......I haven't been there in awhile. Yep, maybe thats what I need.......some talented, orgasmic beaver licking from all the professionals we seem to have around here!!!!!!


  6. You are such a TEASE!!!!!!! But I love ya anyway!!!!! LOL
  7. *sending out much good karma to flowerchild*

    i don't really know what to say but good luck. and i'm sorry to hear about what happened to both of ya. things have a funny way of working themselves out though. so keep that in mind :)
  8. i would like some opinion on this.. i got a reckless driving ticket two years ago. here's the scene.

    no car in sight on a 4 lane road, 10 minutes from my house, 12am pitch black. i scan for cops and pedestrians around me and decide that i have this road to myself. so i thought why not swerve around the lanes to see if my tires can take it, ya know? it just seemed fun at the time, so i gave it a try.

    well it turns out that there was a cop about a hundred yards behind me. he gave me a ticket that says 'reckless driving, switched lanes three times without signal lights, almost lost control of car.'

    man, i just wanted to get aquainted with my tires. life isn't fair.
  9. No, life isn't fair. If you explained that you were just getting to know your tires and he wrote the ticket anyway, then he was just a dick.

    I'm sorry about you getting pulled over, Normsy Poo! That really sucks. I am so glad you had nothing on you. The feeling of knowing that you really don't have something on you makes it a little easier to take when you get pulled over.

    I'm still sending karma your way, Flowerchild. It would suck to have to go to rehab but jail is far worse. Just keep us updated!
  10. i dont ever wear my seatbelt and dont ever plan dad has pulled just as many dead people out of seatbelts as he has scraped off the road.
  11. i wear my seatbelt 'cause i don't feel like getting splattered against the dashboard and breaking half my ribs incase of a survivable head on (or ass end) accident...

    seatbelts actually work against you if your car rolls over though. i know of several people who had their necks broken in this type of accident BECAUSE they wore their seatbelt. my dad was in an accident a while back. he was at an intersection and a drunk driver hit him right in the driver's side door going 70mph. flipped over his big ass matador. the cops and all said if he woulda been wearing his seatbelt he wouldn't have made it.
  12. Grrr... nothing ruins your day quicker than getting a ticket.. I haven't in quite some time but I remember the awful feeling you get as soon as you see the blues and you know you're fucked.. The first thoughts that usually go through my mind at that point are, fuck just think of how much weed I could've bought with that fine money, but don't think in those terms it's just too depressing... Just try to be an optimist and say, well at least I didn't have a fat bag of chronies, now that would REALLY suck..
  13. feel sorry for you on that norman....over here the speed limit is'd have been fine...most people over here do 90+ in the fastlane.....smokes a bowl for namron.....Peace out....Sid
  14. i actually thought it was quite funny...i was just so stoned that i forgot to comment

    half of the time i usually have a serious response..but the get high, and it turns into what people are accustom to reading from me.

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