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"Blue Hog" (Blueberry + Hogs Breath)!?!?!

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by robpalau, Mar 18, 2010.

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  1. I just got my hands on a couple of rooted "Blue Hog" clones yesterday, totally stoked!

    'Blue Hog (DJ short Blueberry + Hogsbreath) 70i/30s big yield, smells very light in flower almost of cologne. a good cure really brings out the berry flavor' -Canna Compassion in SD.

    I heard that this might be the fruit loop smelling strain, anyone know?:confused:

    Know anything on this strain, Ever smoked it before?:smoking:

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    A lot of bud smells like fruity cereals. It's not just one strain..

    There's really nothing "unique" about this "blue hog"...it's gonna work the same as your typical good nug. As long it's good bud it's just gonna get you nice and high..nothin out of the normal.

    There's really nothing new to tell you..whatever you already know about bud, also applies to this "blue hog".

    Have you ever even grown before? Just curious..I mean the fact that you think there's a single strain that smells like fruit loops kinda makes me question how much you even know about weed..
  3. Sorry no pics I the moment, but I'll try to take some.

    I just thought someone out there might know a little more about this strain, since I've never heard about it. Like for example what traits it inherited from the blueberry and which from the Hogsbreath.

    I'm barely starting out, this is my first growing attempt, so you can say I'm a begginer.
    However, I have germinated and taken care of mj plants before, just never grown myself.

    I heard that Hogsbreath sometimes is attributed with the fruit loops smell, so I deduced, blue hog might smell even more like it.

    Just curious about any other info that might be out there.
  4. I have Hogs Breath on the shelf right now at NUGGETRY.


    HB is very similar to Super Silver Haze in that they both have a very spicy/savory smell.

    Almost like beef jerky or pepperoni pizza.

    Anyone who says HB is sweet probably has not smoked real hogs breath.

  5. It'd be hard to smoke a nug that pretty:smoking:
  6. like killing a unicorn ... with a bomb
  7. nice nug. Blue Hog sounds musty. MMM.

  8. I have a couple growing too! Beautiful kids. I am indoors rooted clones in 3 gallon pots I used strictly MG and sprayed them with Ortho Ecosense 3 in 1 rose and flower care..No adverse affects at all. They just keep reaching toward the 240watts on cfl's over each plant at 6 inches above. I use (1) warm 30watt(120watt output) and (1) cool white 30 watt(120 watt output) over each contained in aluminum reflectant shades. I put them out daily to get some natural wind and some sun...in the afternoon or morning and slowly integrating them to the full sun exposure. I am going to in a week put them outside from 9-7 then under the lights for 8 more hours while in veg. I want to see how big these baby can grow. I am going to SOG some wht widows, silver haze and Himalayan golds as well. Gonna be a nice Christmas! =) naturally strictly for my medical needs. Got somme AK-47 seed germinating any knowledge on that and how well they do in dry warm climate?

  9. Get over yourself dude...be nice.
  10. I've only had HB once and it was over 2 years ago. That shit was dank, deff. in my top 10.
    I would love to try "Blue Hog" if I ever came across it!
  11. I'm growing a few blue x hogs breath clones from here in SD as well. I just started flowering two of them last week. I've seen the finished product and it's top shelf grade at every dispensary I've seen it at.
  12. lol ur silly
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    so you're a huge douche i bet

    Watch the name-calling please. *RMJL
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    lol how cute..another one tries to give me neg rep.

    Just never learn do ya..


    I'm sorry I didn't sugar coat things for yall...this site isn't for children. If your feelings get hurt easily then maybe you should go hang out at www.disney.com

    /\/\ yes..yes I am silly lol. See..the OP didn't get butt hurt from my post. Why did you other 2 who quoted me take the shit to heart? Both of you need to clean the sand outta your vaginas right quick...that stuff makes you bitchy..

    I really don't see either one of them as the ones that are being bitchy. Please chill with the disrespect...that I'm seeing you dish out more often than I should. *RMJL
  15. you're just a fool- nobody is taking anything to heart, besides how not to act
  16. Got two youngens out for 73 degree San Diego sun! Only about 21 days old and about 8 inches. I soooooo want to flower right away and taste these treats but probably gonna veg for about another month then flower.
  17. I put a blue hog into flower about 10 days ago along with a sour diesel and my SD has started to show bud sites where as the blue hog is barley showing pistils everywhere.

  18. I have to agree with this man.. Plus, if you have the clone, why bother asking questions when you can just grow the weed and find out for yourself? Obviously its gona be good if you know how to grow so what are you expecting people to tell you? And its funny how the only people trash talking dice are ones with neg rep lol.
  19. I didn't have a neg rep till he(dice) neg repped me. You would think that someone with the amount of posts as you have would try to be more kind and humble here on the forums but you try to do the contrary, instigate the argument further when it was already over with. If you don't have nothing productive to say then why even bother posting? As for as the op's post goes, it's legit....he has a strain that's been somewhat popular in our city recently and wanted to know more about it but kids like you and dice seem to have this silly negative attitude towards this thread for no apparent reason but to troll. Grow up.(pun intended)
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