Blue Ex Pills With Stars;

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  1. I have 15 and i wanna know if i drop all 15 if ill od[die]; Or Just Roll BALLS? lol Input Please! :]
  2. you tell us, g
  3. Darwin at its finest!
  4. o=o is that good? lol im just trying to figuire out if ill die LOL, i just wanna, but i dont wanna fuck myself if its not worth it you know?
  5. you'll throw up several minutes later, before they can be absorbed. no way around it. I took 8 and almost instantly began projectile vomiting for about half an hour straight.

    edit* I meant 8 pills, mine were red glocks not blue stars
  6. yeah ive been trying to find out what mine are, i wanna die =/ my life is just going no where, and i just keeps getting worst, but yeah i just want someone to help me out :O lol:eek:
  7. You never take 2-3 pills at once, start small at one and see how it hits you, when your peaking, if you want to increase the intensity take another, don't go over 3 in my opinion depending on the MG of each pill (generally 120-300.) The LD50 for MDMA is 100-300 mg/kg thus for a 145lb person like my self the LD50 is 6590mg-19770mg depending on body condition ect. You have to be insane to even push 1000mg.

    Don't hurt your self kiddo, take 1 then maybe another if you want to increase it. Going any further the crash is going to be hell, possible toxicity and overheating becomes easier and easier as well as the pace at which it dehydrates your body.
  8. i'll sell you a pistol if you want it
  9. thats way to much, i just wanna know if ill die, thats what i wanna know! lol:hello:
  10. no you wont die...the body has natural defense mechanisms that'll cause you to violenty vomit with such power that you might shit-your-pants before all the drugs can be absorbed.
  11. If your trolling, you need a slap from the post of yours before this one.

    If not, get some help, suicide is not the answer nor is taking a bunch of ecstasy. Hospitals will take you in for a 72 hour evaluation for free generally if you are having suicidal thoughts and you could walk out of it with all the help you need. There are also hot lines you can call when you hit bottom. Drugs aren't going to solve your problems, only mask them.

    And swisher is right, you'll either puke your brains out uncontrollably or shit your self uncontrollably and possibly cause stomach ulcers due to the amount of material trying to be absorbed into the blood stream at once which is foreign material.
  12. dude that shit doesnt help. i have nothing to live for, my dads nothing, im nothing, i have no job, no education, no money, just these 15pills and about a gram of skunk left, and a shit load of bongs, lol, i just wanna die my gf doesnt want me, no girls arnt the problem, i just hate my life.
  13. lol maybe next month :D i get checks from the government :O lol will it have bullets? :O i just need 2 working ones lol, one to make sure it works, and a backup :O
  14. Don't do it.
    my friend took 1 green gun and bumped another half and he projectile vomited all over my bathroom. it was behind the toilet, on the shower door, on the wall, on the opposite side of my bathroom on the wall, on the floor in the corner.. it was all over.
  15. dont talk biz on this know where to get at me.
  16. I'd be more worried about dying than puking, lol. You know what's in those fuckers these days? Everything AND the kitchen sink. Good luck.
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    Proof im Not Trolling! i just wanted to die :O <3
  18. I wouldnt reccomend it. I got some blue stars that were speedy as fuck, probably half amphetamines. Youd get really sick.

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