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blue dreams or a-train? all opinions welcom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bigcturbo, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. What do you prefer? High differences?
  2. First, it's Blue Dream not blue dreams. Also, we have enough threads like this.
  3. [quote name='"camram"']First, it's Blue Dream not blue dreams. Also, we have enough threads like this.[/quote]


  4. blue dream, just get it .lol:smoke:
  5. Thx zodiac. Atleast someones helpfull.
  6. Oops sorry camram. I forgot an apostrophe in the word "someones". Hurry and correct me to make yourself look smart lol
  7. What the fuck is a-train? Honestly do you think we are gonna know which bud is better? ANY blue dream can be better than ANY a-train (w/e that is), and vice versa. There is no point in making a thread asking people which one is better, because it varies depending on who grew each bud, and it also depends what you look for in the smoke.
  8. Yeah ok. And what is a-train? Take a wild guess
  9. ass-train? ashton kutcher-train? ambulance-train? adamantium-train? seriously i have no idea.

  10. THIS.

    And sorry to bust your balls, but you probably won't end up getting any of the 2.
    I rarely ask what strain it is, and when he tells me cause it's some dank, I do all my research to see if it really is.
    I'd only trust strain names from a dispensary lol
  11. Yeah well theres a lack of dispensarys in
  12. Its a combination of afghan kush and trainwreck. Sorry if i spelled anything wrong camcam
  13. I actually ended up sour chem. Its all that was left. Taste pretty rad. Sweeter than i imagined. Not really sour at all heh

  14. Yeah it sucks, I wish we were a mmj state.
    But anyways, I wouldn't trust strain names, I never do, the only way to tell is if you match your bud up with the specifications of the real strain online.
    And even that's hard to find, when you google a strain, you get pictures of all kinds of bud. So I'd go to a reputable site lol
  15. [quote name='"bigcturbo"']Yeah well theres a lack of dispensarys in[/quote]

    Then why even bother asking the question.... Just get out
  16. Very true. I cant argue with that. Ppl be puttin names on it and tryin to tax these days. I usually just go by the way it looks and smell..or i would like too.
  17. Just cause we dont have dispensarys dont mean we dont get it
  18. Not exactly the best way to introduce yourself to the City. Btw I think your a-train or whatever is supposed to be Afwreck but I wouldn't put too much thought into strain names if you live in a non-medical state.

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