Blue Dream Seedlings: Alfalfa Tea vs MaxiGro + Aussie Tonic ROUND VEG, GROW!

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If it works, which will grow faster?

  1. Alfalfa Tea

  2. MaxiGro + Aussie Tonic

  3. Alfalfa Tea fails

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  1. Compared to the MaxiGro, the Alfalfa tea treated seedling is stunted and barely growing. It isn't showing me signs of nutrient burn or lockout, just really very slow growth. I'm wondering if this seedling may be a runt. Anyway, I've concluded that this test should really be run on identical clones if I want my data to be empirical. I am delaying this testing for a later date.
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  2. So I noticed something very interesting, which has given me reason to continue the experiment. I was going to just uproot the 'stunted' alfalfa tea seedling (it was, afterall, bean 5/5 to germ).

    So when I grabbed these two milk jugs out of the tent to dispose of, I saw something which intrigued me. ROOTS! The alfalfa tea seedling has roots all the way down the side of the jug! I don't know what's happening with the roots inside the MaxiGro jug because I can't see them. Any of them. Anywhere.

    I'll get pics up later.

    I kind of expected to have issues with rot or something in the alfalfa tea jug as it's just 3/1 perl/verm, but so far so good on that front as well.

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