Blue Dream or Haze x Blueberry??

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  1. I think i saw a few people growing this and i got my hands on some of it. Thought it was great, anyone know which seedbank carries it?
  2. blue dream is amazing, BUT its a cal clone only. dont know about haze x bb, just keep looking around..
  3. had this last week. strong downer stuff but always knocks me out after 20 mins.
  4. thanks for the replies guys! Ya the cross is blueberry X Haze and im sure i saw it on the doc but i just went through all thie breeders and coundnt find it :(
    Im really only looking for it because the yield is very heavy and it has a quality med purpose. Anyone to help out would be great. Or maybe even some suggestions of other high quality high yielders :)
  5. you should check out great white shark for yields. the blue dream i got last weekend wasn't a downer, sometimes i'd feel high and sometimes i'd feel stoned. and when i was feeling stoned i could always switch to feeling high if i wanted. i need to put in an order for some of that shit at the club
  6. Blue Dream is Blueberry x Haze.
    I have some clones of it growing right now i got from a club in Oakland.
    About to take some clones off of them in a few days, if you live in the bay and have a med card PM me
  7. I found homegrown Haze X Blueberry on Dr. chronic called Blue Haze
  8. super silver haze x blueberry = BlueDream California

    silver haze x blueberry = Blue Haze Netherlands

  9. both are a nice smoke when grown & cured proper. the flavor and aroma of the blue dream especially is quite unique and pungent :smoking::D
  10. Yah one of my buddies got me an ounce of blue dream a couple months ago and I have been trying to save/savor that stuff every now and then since. It is seriously some of the tastiest and has a very heady quality to the high, but yah I see what you are saying with the stoned aspect as well. I just cleaned out my bubbler to smoke a bowl of this stuff and after one hit I feel some serious mental acceleration. I definately see why this stuff is medicinal. Anyways I figured I would let you guys in on some pics so here ya go and let me know if this is the real deal. I am almost positive it is. Ah whatever its fucking amazing cannabis anyways. Enjoy, flo

    I feel like my camera cant get good enough pictures to capture the full beauty these buds have to offer. Oh well deal with it...

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  11. I've had this twice, once in Cali and another time it was from the UK. Why doesn't it taste like blueberry or Haze?

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