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  1. Any opinions on its sex? I've noticed what appears to be white hairs at the nodes and the top but I'm unsure.

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  2. I'm hoping. It was bag seed, so no loss monetarily really.
  3. tmp_19241-0508161404a-1741340805.jpg
    Here's a better picture.
  4. Lucky you! You have a female my friend. If it were a male you would see little balls.

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  5. And autoflower? She's only 2 months old. I germinated under artificial light, then placed her outside. She's getting plenty of natural light.

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  6. If it's bag seed the probability of it being an autoflower is low

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  7. Not plenty of light..
    Just when did it go outside and how old was it?? Looks like a bad case of out to early and in flower..
    June 1st is your set out day for most everything.. That's the day most of the Northern Hemisphere starts getting enough light each day to dependably hold a cannabis plant in veg..
    Clones and seed plants older then a month will flower if set out before that.
    Just sprouted plants are not yet light aware and can go out on May 1st or be directly planted outside..
    14.5 is the tripping point for most strains.. At 15 they veg and at 14 they flower..
    It doesn't take all that much to keep them (Awake) as it were..
    3rd year with the solar to assist the spring veg time till June 1st.. Done like this they will flawlessly continue vegging all the way till mid Aug..
    In 2 more weeks I'll transplant them to their final in ground sites around the yard and they'll no longer need the additional lights..
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