Blue Dream Flowering Day 22, feedback pls...

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    Hi again everybody! I would love some feedback/advice on my closet grow. I used a 150W HPS until today. Now I have 2x 150W HPS. The plant on the left is a hydroponic drip system grown on the fox farm feeding schedule with fox farm trio. The one on the right is planted in a 2.75 gal pot with fox farm soil (no additional nutrients). I am also not using any kind of ventilation and so far there has been absolutely no smell in my apt causing issues. Does this mean the harvest will be of low quality? This is my first ever grow, is the grow doing good?

    Here are the pics:


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  2. The bud is going to be fluffy and loose, but looks like you're going to be successful in growing your own smoke. how long did you veg the ladies for?
  3. The soil grow was in veg for 5 weeks and the hydro for 3. Also, how can you tell its going to be fluffy? From the fact that I'm growing by using 150W hps lights or because of the way the plants grew?
  4. not bad for the flowering due to your spacing, but I can tell the bud will be fluffy due to the low wattage of your lights. Not much you can do because it will be too warm if you go bigger on the lights
  5. Ide like to know how you knew that too tjviperjr, im no expert though. You do only have a 150watt light and the plant looks quite tall, perhaps this is why?

    The leaves look extremely skinny, so its either an extremely sativa-leaning phenotype or something else

    Wait I just read ur using no ventilation? How are you getting away with that, theres no fresh air coming in? Not even passive ventilation?
  6. Yeah, I was skeptical about it in the beginning too but the growth turned out to be pretty healthy looking. The door of the closet is not extremely air tight. There is quite a bit of spacing which also causes some light leaks. I think this spacing is sufficient for the plants.
  7. hey if you're fine with the smoke then good for you. The buds should be dank
  8. Blue Dream is a hybrid. Definately one of my favorites to grow because it is a high yielder and great smoke. It is supposed to look like that.

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