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Blue Dream dipped in hash oil!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Feelin Irie, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Got an ounce, and not only did he give me a great price, with a couple different strains, but he gave me this treat.

    He gave me an eighth of blue dream dipped in hash oil. At first I was skeptical, but this guy is legit. Always has the best weed that I've ever seen, his purple is the most dense amazing nugs.

    Anyways, we packed a bong load of his blue dream dipped in hash oil, and holy shit, I was high off of one hit, and I'm a daily smoker, takes me like a personal bowl of dank shit to get on the same level as that one hit.

    I vaped more of it, so crazy. I get this crazy warmth feeling that like starts at my head and goes down. It's pretty intense, not feeling it now, but I had that for an 2 hours strong after a couple rips of this stuff.

    Im baked :smoke:

    check it

    Pics dont do it any justice =/
  2. Where's the hash oil? Looks like dank blue dream to me. Buds dipped in hash oil are darker/look like a glob of goo.
  3. yeah that defiantly doesn't look like honey bud, usually its a giant glob of goo with a nug in the middle.

    im not doubting it has hash oil on it, i just dont think it was dipped.

    regardless it looks like some top shelf.
  4. loll there's no oil on them budzz
  5. Really nice, looks like it might of had some hash oil dripped on it but not dipped in hash oil.
  6. Looks danker than a skank on crank walking the plank. :cool:
  7. Yeah, upon some more research it definatley doesn't look globby and nearly like dipped nug does. Bummer.

    BUT, it does get me very very high... more so than any other straight nug has. Maybe it's not dipped in hash oil, but my guy has always been straight with me, dunno why he'd choose now to lie.

    Anyways, it's flame as hell!!!!!! Pics do it no justice, Im gonna take some more on my buddies phone, gonna try to show you the ridiculousness.
  8. View attachment 834226

    That's some I had done the other day.

    None the less, looks like some killer blue dream, enjoy it man.

  9. damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yeah, that's not in hash oil. Although, I think I see little such globs on my nugs. Just not really that much.
  10. i know there is stuff dispensaries sell called Caviar, its nugs rolled around in kief.

    Maybe that's what it is?
  11. [quote name='"FluffyBud"']i know there is stuff dispensaries sell called Caviar, its nugs rolled around in kief.

    Maybe that's what it is?[/quote]

    No, thats what I pulled my pic from, search my Caviar thread in here. (Stash jar) ..I have step by step pics.

    OP I think you're just seeing some very heavily trichomed bud :)
  12. The top nug looks like it may have been rolled around in the oil before it was purged at all.. Ive seen nugs on YouTube vids that looked "crystallized" like that after the butane evaporates off

  13. Yeah, I'm having a hard time believing straight nug can get me as high and as fast as this stuff does. Also, this guy has never/no reason to lie to me.

    Well, either way, I am extremely happy with it, gets me so god damn ripped, lol
  14. If you're happy that's truly all that matters.

    Positive vibes your way bro!
  15. Looks dank as fuck man. Blue Dream is so sweet :)
  16. Thanks dude!!!

    But, out of my curiosity, while finishing a vape bowl from last night of the stuff (I passed out after 1... that is a miracle to me) I decided to do some research myself.$25-per-gram that's caviar blue dream from a dispensary, now, although it may not look like it in my pictures, my nug is 179513956039713980x danker.

    I'm going to hold onto my belief of the hash oil. Because there's just no way I could be this ripped off of straight buds.
  17. Looks dank as fuk...
  18. Damn I'm drooling over that stuff.

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