Blue dream covered with aphids while drying

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  1. Chopped and partially wet trimmed my blue dream outdoor grow and hung to dry in my grow tent (used strictly for drying). Didn’t notice any pest when cutting and trimming . I thought I was on top of pest management guess not. Checked on things this morning before hanging my last plant and noticed aphids crawling around the stems .Do I have any good options here besides scrapping the whole thing? It’s for my personal use and I mostly dry vape and edibles.

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  2. Have you ever heard of rinsing the buds after cut? I've been thinking about doing it. Sorry about the bugs but the plants look

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  3. @Growtogrow might know some tricks, gonna give it a shot :)
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  4. No biggy: Aphids bail once the juices stop flowing/harvest, should you have a houseplant around leave the live houseplant with the harvest for 24h then remove the houseplant and all its aphids to the sink and wash them off,
    dead aphides the ones on the plant will fall of over time ...check for ants too

    good luck
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  5. Vaping or eating dead aphids won't hurt you. Many of them will fall off during drying and ignore the rest.
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  6. Thanks guys,big relief
  7. Yuck !!!

    I hate aphids spider mites and all them other poop pests. Hydrogen peroxide and water wash. Regular 3% hydrogen peroxide that you can get at any pharmacy. 1qt to 1 gallon of water. Will wash all your weed very nicely. It'll take all that dirt all the bug poop all the aphids all the powdery mildew pretty much anything else. And still leave you with all the THC and turp profile.

    All you do is chop and wash shake it hang it let it dry out a little bit and process is normal. Simple.

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  8. Woah!
    I’ve done quite a bit of washing, but from the research I did it suggested 1 cup of 3% H202 per 5 gallons of H20.
    That sounds waaay to strong….

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