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Blue Dream (Compassionate Shelf)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MDS, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Went to one of the newer clubs in Sacramento that recently brought in a bunch of new strains on their cheaper compassionate shelf.

    Bought an eighth of Blue Dream for $15! Cured nicely, and although it doesn't smell too loud it gets you a high just like top shelf BD. :smoke:

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  2. 15?!?! god dammit new york
  3. nomnomnom
  4. nothing gets you stoned like TS dont lie brother
  5. I've had several diff grades of blue dream, and even the type that didnt look that good or smell so strong, was still fire. Blue Dream, is definitely one of my favs.
  6. Damn dude I wish I could get 1/8ths of blue dream for 15. I usually have to pay 55-60. :( nice nugs though!
  7. i hear blue dream is really psychoactive?
  8. Damn dude you got a great deal of $15 for an eight even if it werent blue dream. Looks really dank to, zoom in and it is just covered in crystals.
  9. Yup, looks like BD alright :) Fuck that's a great deal, I hate living in a non mmj state :( Enjoy :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  10. nice aight. i have tried a few different blue dreams ranging in qualities at the clinics.

    best one i tried was straight from grower, 15 a gram but oh so worth it.

    California really isn't all that cheap when it comes to bud, sure dank is EVERYWHERE but if you want that serious dank it's still 40-50 an 8th.

  11. I don't know if "psychoactive" would be the perfect word to describe blue dream. To me, its really similar to blueberry high, obviously. It has a very very chilled type high to it. I would guess it works very well for people with anxiety problems. It's very chilled but doesn't couchlock you at all, very good for parties and hanging out with friends and stuff like that.
  12. Yes!
    Good shit man. Especially from a dispensary that is a great price. Thats how it SHOULD be.
    I believe its a shame that people are getting more then double what u paid all day for the same shit.
  13. #13 MDS, Mar 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2012
    This dispensary always has 3 - 5 strains on their $15 per eighth shelf - this time was Blue Dream, GDP, Casey Jones, and Skywalker OG. Of course, it's not true topshelf and doesn't have a loud smell or super sweet taste, but the definite Blue Dream high is there. But shit, can't complain when I get an eighth of a strain in parity what I usually pay for a gram!
  14. ive had bd that was realllly racey and trippy and ive had some so strong it was like getting smacked in the head. the bd i have right now is def. sativa dom but had just enough indica to not be racey feeling. its nice

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