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    What’s up fellow enthusiasts! I’m new to the forum so let me introduce myself! I’m Subby87 and I’m new to growing magical plants for medical purposes. Now, for my question. How many Blue Dream Autoflowers do you guys recommend would fit in my enclosure??

    Enclosure: 3x3x6
    Lights: 315w CMH (3,100k @ 33,000lm)
    Pots: 3gal fabric
    Medium: Organic Soil
    Nutrients: All necessary (Fox Farms)
    Light cycle: 18/6 (start to finish)
    Strain: Blue Dream Feminized Autoflower
    Training: LST
  2. You could honestly do anywhere from 1 as many pots as you can get in there....if it were my tent however...I would do 2, and maximize my space as best as possible by LST'ing
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  3. I would recommend 10-gal pots and 2 plants for that size space.
    And that Blue Dream can get nice and bushy so 2 plants, grown well, would fit that space well.
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  4. 10 gallon pots is pretty large for autos. It wouldnt hurt but would be unnecessary. You could use smaller if need be. 2 plants would be good.
  5. With live soil you definitely want the extra root space. I got root bound with 3 gals. I would do at least 5 galls.

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  6. I respectfully disagree. There are some autos out there that "wouldn't know what to do" with 10 gallon pots...but there are several others that I think would completely benefit from a 10 gallon pot.
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  7. I did my last grow in 15-gal pots. LOVED it. made everything so easy. just less of everything to do. only downside for me is i'm only on a 2x4 tent so can only fit 2 15-gal
    i wanted more variety than just two strain so this grow i could just squeeze in 3x 7-gal and 2x 5-gal for 5 plants. For my style of growing definitely too small of a pot size. would go back to to 15's but simply too physically large. !0-gal is a nice compromise size I think. small enough to be able to still fairly easily move it around when needed but large enough for a good soil soil volume for plenty of nutrients/minerals in the soil without worrying about a lot of topdressings or teas, less freq waterings, and I have really bad tapwater - 400ppm and 8.2ph out of the tap so a larger soil volume also means a larger ph buffer for me :)

    hey, most of the breeders recommend or grow in 3-gal from what I read everywhere so it can be done, just more work on the growers part.
    especially for a new grower I was just thinking anything that made life easier would be better, but most comes down to personal preference. I bet in the OP's first 4 grows he may end up going thru 4 different size grow bags/pots before he finds a size that is comfortable for him and his style of growing. Pretty much explains why my next grow is most likely going to be in 10-gal bags.... :)

    regardless the size, as long as he has good soil, and keeps the plant count down so they aren't too squeezed he should be fine.
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    Thanks for all the tips guys. I was thinking I might even just go with super soil instead of manual feeding. If I go super soil, I’d most likely just feed in the beginning of flower.
  9. What pots did you use? From my knowledge, the chances of getting root bound in 3gal fabric pots is slim with an autoflower.
  10. Standard 3 gal plastic pot. My 1 gal fabrics go into flower 2 weeks earlier because they run out of root space even quicker. I think if you use one of those fancy air pots you'll be better off. But seriously, at least 5 gal with live soil trust me.

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    I've grown lots of autos in 10 gallon pots and various other sizes. I grow no till. I've never seen one fill out a 10 gal pot, they just dont veg long enough. This guy is bottle feeding so he doesnt need the extra space that a living soil needs
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    All I'm saying is it unnecessary. I grow autos in large containers too because I grow no till. It totally can be done but their root ball just doesnt fill out the container. If you dont have a living soil and bottle feed like the op is, 3-5 gallons is plenty for most autos. With short veg times they just dont grow large enough to fill large containers
  13. I've been using 5 gallon fabric pots for my autos as that's what I bought....but when I pull those plants after harvest....the ENTIRE 5 gallon pot is inhabited by roots.
    ..dont get me wrong...they grow great in the 5 gallon pots...but know they could go up to AT LEAST a 7 gallon

    I dont have any pics of what I'm talking about....but I have a couple of autos that are reaching harvest window....I'll try my best to remember to snap some photos concerning this topic for future reference....

    smoke on my friends:passtheshit:
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  14. They sure are. Good thing about fabric pots is they air prune but it wasnt over crowded. Roots grown in a fabric pot are totally different then a hard container. 5 gallon in fabric is even better then a 5 gallon plastic. More air to the roots. Totally unnecessary for someone who feed with bottles like the op does to use a huge container with autos. It wont hurt, it's just unnecessary is all I'm getting at
  15. I disagree, I grow autos and my 5-gal and 7-gal pots get filled with the rootball completely. My 15-gal pots are overkill i know but the larger soil volume is very handy as you know from no-till, just means less work. But that's why I think 10-gal are good compromises :)
  16. I'm agreeing with you on 5s they're fine to use. Filled isn't over crowded. 7s arent much bigger.

    No till has nothing to do with my original statement that people commented on disagreeing with. This guy is using bottled nutrients and by no means needs a 10 gallon container. All I said was he could use one but that it was unnecessary and it is the way the op is growing. Sure he can use one, but it's not going to matter. He doesnt need to maintain a living soil like we do, just water and feed. 5 gallons would be plenty big but he could use a 7, 10, screw it go big use a 100.
  17. sorry, valid point, I my have missed it with my fast reading. Yes, with bottle feeding the larger pots are not needed. A live soil, a no-till, yes, the larger pots are better. with bottle feeding I'll agree anything over 5-gal really isn't needed.
  18. Here are your "Facts".. I will include photos.
    I was a firm believer in 5 gallon or bigger pots for autos until 3 days ago I cut down my first plant..
    The root ball was so small it would have been perfect in a 2 or 3 gallon pot.. and I bet it woulda had better structure to.
    The thing to consider is your not gonna get many opportunities to feed your plant if your pot is huge as it takes longer to dry out and that can be a big problem when your cycles are so short.. veg bloom and sugars plus anything in between plus regular water not feed. It's easy to overwater if your squeezing in feedings allways behind on something.
    With a 2 or 3 gallon it will dry up faster allowing you more control over direction . Yes sure more work but better control.
    I wouldn't bother with LST maybe try it on 1 but if he dont understand what it is supposed to look like when he's finished he might do wrong and damage..
    I would put as many as you can jam in there in 2 gallon pots and just keep the few biggest healthiest ones and toss the rest.
    As I bought 100 auto seeds and only 38 turned out to be "decent" plants last thing I wanna do is plan it all out and buy exactly 3 seeds then 2 of em are "runts" buy more and kill the weak keep the strong.. "highgrading "
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  19. If he uses fox farm he is no longer "organic" so it does not matter all organic rules out the window the second that "synthetic phosphorus " hits the roots.
    Read the 3 part (grow and bloom and tiger bloom) only the middle bottle is (organic). The only reason that is organic is cause they had no choice as you cant mix synthetic calcium and phosphorus together= calcium phosphate..
    So one part had to be organic.
    I'm just saying if you really wanna "maximize" your efforts do not waste time being organic is your really just dumping synthetics on it.. you might as well go all out then
  20. Agreed. From my research, 3 gallons for an autoflower is sufficient. With a photo period strain I would go at least 5 gallons. Having a smaller pot won’t kill the plant, it’ll just produce a smaller yield. I’ve seen some SOLID grows in a 3gal with an auto.
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