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Blue dream - 1 OZ - First pickup post

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by gophertoker, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Just got in with some Real cultivators. Got this oz for $380. A great price for great bud! Check it out!






    Love this grinder... needs a little TLC, but a great asset to any smoke session. RYOT!

  2. looks amazing man.
  3. I had a friend that got some of this a few weeks ago. Good stuff.

    In the first picture, is that a Hanna Montana album on your computer screen?
  4. a grower charged you 380? damn thats fucked up dude
  5. I was waiting for someone to pick out something going on in the background of my pics... its my wifes laptop... shes the one with all the nice stuff! I get stuck with smoking weed and taking out the trash.
  6. Well I guess I should reword that... I know someone, that knows some Real cultivators... Ha! So it goes through a few hands before it gets to me.

    But this pot is legit... and money aint no thing!!
  7. very nice... how is the high
  8. High is great... my whole body feels knocked out. just ordered some pizza and am about to watch some movies all day.
  9. I pay the exact same price.
    although if thats a straight 28 grams it looks fluffy as all, great pick up!

    also im curious, where can I find that grinder?!
  10. yeah the oz was fat... my guy weighed it in front of me and added a few popcorns extra on top.

    The grinder I found at a local head shop. RYOT is the brand name. I havent checked them out much online. It was rather cheap at 30 bucks... and it has a nice kiefcatcher on the bottom... pictures of that to come later tonight.

    Thanks all for the props.
  11. hahah ,that's alot of buds :yummy:
  12. #12 thekiller, Sep 21, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2010
    Yeah blue dream is a high yielder but that looks like primo bud. Where did you get it? In Cali it would be a little pricey. Blue dream is too trippy for me but I would def buy that
  13. Thats alot of drugs.
  14. That's some tasty lookin bud man.. enjoy that =)
  15. I used to know one when I lived in Vermont that charged $400 lol, now it's $275 (yayyy Colorado) from growers
  16. Dank buds, what can I say? Have fun, that's quite a bit of weed to kill.
  17. You like some terrible music dude.
  18. getting some blue dream here in a week maybe. we will see.
  19. Blue dream! Cchhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
  20. Thanks peeps... the bud is so damn good, wish I could share some with ya.

    LOL You are hating on my wifes tunes!!! Like I give a shit buddy!!!

    I picked the bud up in the Midwest we will say... A very large city in the midwest :)

    But I am far away from there! So it's only once in awhile I get the big bag of bangarang buds.

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