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Blue Diesel, GDP, OG Kush Pick-up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by MS. OXY, May 4, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]







    These are my BF's Pick-up pics But i wanted to share them with you guys and see what you think!

  2. nommm nomm looks like some dank enjoy
  3. Oh yea these are all Oregon dispensary pick up. My BF is a patient and I'm his caregiver
  4. he must LOVE you even more for that reason. and blue diesel is it blue dream x diesel or blueberry or what?
  5. It's a blueberry sour diesel mix it's smell like sour blue skittles lol
  6. OMG I'm in love i need blue diesel now i just picked up an unspeciied amount from a overage patient of some GDP X Durban Poison
  7. i love sour anything but sour skittles YUM! blueberry was my first dank strain. in love wit it and all its crosses
  8. Yup I'm having some now matter of fact lol
  9. you gots some beautiful nugs there
  10. sour skittles are dank candy (you mentioned sour skittle smell lol)

    looks like some good good, enjoy puffing on those nugs.

    the OG looks superior to the rest

    stay high
  11. That last nug is gorgeous!
  12. Thanks guys just wanted to share my BFs and I's stash here in Oregon :)
  13. Killer pick up. Hope my next batch is jus alllllll purple.
  14. Ya the GDP is amazingly purple almost no green on it
  15. im surprised your fingers arent burnt from that fire:smoke:

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