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  1. What up blades. First grow here. I'd like to thank you guys (and gals) for dropping in and checking out the grow. Any comments/criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.
    First pic is i believe 4 days old [​IMG][/IMG]

    this one is 14 days growing a little slow if you ask me..? she looks healthy tho ;)

  2. Like the choice of strain I have grown it before. Just one question what kind of soil are you using

  3. Thanks Rusty. got any pics of the harvest? Any advice would be klutch.
    I'm using the Organic Miracle Grow. Couldn't find Fox Farm anywhere around here. (Weak shit) And I got four 26w 6200 fl and one 42w 2700 and will add more as she grows.
  4. Yeah that what i thought, The miracle grow is usable but you definately want some pearlite mixed in with it, since it has some shitty drainage. I used this stuff for my first grow and ended up transplanting em into something better. I got a real bad gnat infestation from the stuff. Have never used cfl's so can't help you much there. But my first grow is in my sig with the Blue cheese. I was a real begginer and made all of the mistakes of a first grow but the Blue Cheese came out stanky and good. I have like 8 more seeds left of it so I bet the next time I grow it will be better.

  5. Yea, I saw a grow journal of someones Blue Cheese grown in the same soil as mine. His turned out great. I realize its not the best soil for growing, but I'm kinda on a low budget. I cant seem to find Fox Farm though, where do most people find it? Yea, looked at your journal. Looks like some good ass smoke. :hello:
  6. Aight, so to anyone who can answer: I've been in a 18/6 cycle for about 13 days and then couldnt make it to the grow in time to turn it off until the next morning so now I'm on a 24/0 veg cycle. Will this cause any potential problems for the plant? Thanks
  7. I don't think it will matter, but don't take my word for it.

    I found FoxFarm at one of my local hydro stores. Maybe try them? :smoke:

  8. Yea, there's no hydro shops around where I live unfortunately. I guess I'll just stick with MG this grow and switch up soil next time.
  9. Day 25

    Obvious nute burn, going to transplant into better soil with perlite mix very soon. What would be the best way to go about doing this? Thanks

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