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Blue Cheese?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by 5150, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Anybody grw this outdoor? If so what location? Do you know of any northern cali grow thread links with Blue Cheese?

    The bud to the strain looks supreme in all most every pic I have seen. Been eyeballing this strain for awhile now.
  2. Grew it once in norcal. No pics. Wasn't to impressed myself. Smelt awesome though. Surely wasn't some OG Kush. My dad liked it a lot though. I think my brother says he has one going. I will have to take a peak at it.
  3. i grew this aswell a while back very nice strain, very nice plant though i found mine loved feeding and mine was quite a heavy eater , overall very nice smoke little more uplifting for me for the first 10-20min than settled into a body buz/ couchlock effect.. very nice for me i like it more than og kush^

    i didnt grow it in norcal lol i grew it in ontario, had to flower it early with a tarp since ts a lil longer sux for me bud i can only do 8 week strains here
  4. yea i had a bluecheese clone last year,i got it late though and it flowered so i picked off the bud and revegged it over the winter and harvestsed it this spring.smells awsome,nice solid buds.now that i think about it i think my brother has two growin in the back right now.they didnt get that big though but thats probably because they almost flowered last spring and then went back to veg.

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  5. Did you have to leave some leaves on the plant?

  6. yea.it was like a bud on a stick ,it never had a chance to veg so it stayed the size of a clone.i tried to leave a few of the bottom branches just pinched off the bud and left them on.had it in my garage over the winter under a flourescent light.by march i had a nice little bush.
  7. I'm growing two Blueberry Cheese x Purple Diesel...smells amazing. Super sticky as well.

  8. Do you have any pics? How is the vigor in stretch mode?

  9. Yes , and I won't give away locale , let's just say that it's pertinent to
    your query. Blue Cheese does quite nicely outdoors , trained properly
    you'll get short fat butterballs that may well be wider than they are tall.

    Odor is *very* distinctive and could well be a problem outdoors in
    some environments , fat dense sugar covered colas , temp drops
    will often bring some color.

  10. Very good actually , be aware though that every once in a while you may
    get a clone that rather turns out to be a miniature , at first you will think
    it stunted or dwarfed yet it will finish just like it's larger sisters , just a
    good deal smaller , the product sometimes being *better* off the mini
    weirdly enough , and with Blue Cheese that is indeed saying something.

    It's one of my favorite strains , and is one that I take pains to hold onto
    in my library of strains , others come and go but it's one of the seven or eight
    absolutely permanent residents.
  11. I have BC and store bought clones were shit last year. This year i did seed and its like 2 strains liking this one very much and its in Nor- Cal
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    Maybe I should give a couple blue cheese's another go next year. They did seem pretty vigerous and had looked like they had the potential to get pretty big. But anyone know how big? Mine was to close the other plants last year I never saw its full potential.

    I like everything about it other then the potency I felt it lacked and potency is very important to me. It smelled damn good though. Rather smoke many other strains for the effects. But I would still like to give it another run because there are so many people who love it. My brother liked it and dad and tons of friends. I actually got a nug sitting on the table of it. My as well toke it up.:smoke:

    What other permanent residents in your garden?

    Mine are
    OG Kush (abusive cut)
    Pre 98 Bubba Kush
    Norcal Goo
    Blue Dream

    Thinking about adding sour grape haze depending on how it finishes. And maybe Trainwreck because everyone else likes it.
  13. I also want to try some alaskan thunderfuck in years to comes.

  14. That's " Matanuska Thunderfuck" , originally developed in the Matanuska Valley
    the home of the 7 lb tomato and 25 lb cabbage.

    What is 'resident' here at any given time is dependent upon what I'm attracted
    to as far as taste etc at a given time along with what I working with as regards the
    breeding program , and since I came up in a certain era my tastes will almost
    inevitably contain a streak of the various old-line Sativas and the Afghani type
    Indicas that they were crossed with to develop the Northern Calif genetics.

    I keep several " old school ' strains that some folks don't feel are commercially
    viable what with the " fruity hybrid strain of the week" fad. Along with Blue Cheese
    I favor Trainwreck and certain crosses thereof , Skunk no.1 and Super Skunk
    Northern Lights #5 , AK47...I've selected on this for a decade or better most
    of mine now finish black , Skunk Kush or Hindu Skunk ( whichever one you wish
    to call it) , straight uncrossed pure Sativa Brown ( or chocolate) Thai , I keep
    a Purple Diesel mother around just to do a couple now and then for migraines
    a red Sativa that I've had since the late '70s , don't know the exact origin but
    it's likely the old Santa Marta Red or an Oaxacan Highlands red , it's most
    definitely *not* the lowland Central American ( Panama Red) , a hassle indoors
    'cause of height , takes 14 weeks to finish and produces so-so yeilds........and
    it's worth EVERY bit of said hassle , it's The WayBack Machine , the taste of
    yesteryear with todays power ( Steep Hill tested @ 16 % , ok it's not the Wdow or AK
    but pretty stout for a oldline landrace Sativa) and I keep the pre '98 Bubba and
    some Master Kush around for crosses along with a pure Afghani and my ChemDawg

    Those are more or less permanent , others come and go for a cycle or three
    currently getting cut from the lineup , Kandy Kush , OG18 and Purple OG , fuck
    it I'm tired of them being finicky and susceptible to *everything* , if I want an
    OG style smoke I'll cross ChemDawg across a Kush or Skunk and get similar
    without all the funky scatterbred bullshit and problems.

    Next project , GDP over that Thai I mentioned and over Black Durban , along with
    trying to stabilise the Thai -AK 47 cross I did , potency is there so is yield but it
    is still all over the map pheno wise.
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    Take clones if you gety a pheno you like , I've heard a great many folks
    say what you did above as regards store purchased clones , but then it's
    similar in case with other strains too , many folks with little in the way of
    scruples will take clones off of *anything* if there is a market for said
    clones. Then they sell them to unsuspecting folks , just the growing
    pains of " the industry" , profiteers abound............

    With Blue Cheese I originally started with eight clones , only three of those
    when grown to mother status produced consistent clones of the pheno I
    wished to maintain , the only fly in the ointment being the 'mini' factor
    I cited previously , though they actually produce quite a bit of product
    for their actual size , if I could isolate that factor I'd do a whole slew
    in 1 gallon containers. But said 'minis' only come along maybe every
    50 clones or so , so it's not a huge problem....heheh.

    At some point I'm going to take it back to Skunk #1 , which is "allegedly"
    what the original Exodus Cheese cut really was , and also back to an Afghan
    which is of course part of the structure of Skunk #1.

  16. lmao ive been wanting to grow this strain for awhile after i saw it in a movie, than serached it up, than found out my uncle grow 10 footers of it lol

    its a nice strain forsure
  17. I worship this strain

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    Yeah 5150 I have a grow journal on Rollitup with pics of it. I think I saw you have yours going on there too :smoke: The stretch was pretty nice...as you will see they are smaller so it probably would have been more noticeable had they been bigger.
  19. See if this photo comes through.... Picture 015.jpg

    Outdoor guerilla Blue Cheese....
  20. Picture 016.jpg

    Picture 013.jpg

    a couple more... these are Hindu skunk...

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