Blue cheese- Weird brown spots in flowering?

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  1. This has been going ever since the 2nd week into 12/12
    I've been getting more of these brown spots on leaves lately and they are slightly yellowing, which I know is normal. So here I am about a month and a week since the 12/12 switch, buds are looking and smelling fantastic, its just these spots are making me nervous..
    I flushed pretty good when i noticed them and have been cutting back more on the ff Tiger Bloom these past two weeks
    So please someone experienced, or if you've witnessed this nastyness, help me out please!
    More nutes, less nutes hmmm
    Ph cant be out of whack either, growing with fox farm soil and using distilled water:confused:

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  2. pH could be out of whack unless you measured it and it read 6.4 on the dot.

    What ppm level are you feeding at? Are you only feeding with TB?
  3. Ppm?
    Not very familiar with that, only thought it really applied to hydro grows
    I suppose I could order a ph reader, but i just dont see how its out of whack?
    I though distilled water had a ph of around 6-6.5 and i thought ffof soil had a ph of 7 so it balanced out?
    Im confuseddd.
  4. PPM is Parts Per Million, same as TDS - Total Disolved Solids. The definition of TDS explains PPM.

    Are you feeding near or at the recommended dose? My first thought was that they're hungry for more food.

    As you feed the plant some salts get left behind and eventually raise the pH of the medium your plant is in. In your case soil. You flushed it, so the buildup is probably less at this point.

    For soil I would recommend a PPM meter over a pH meter. You should have both though.

    If you answer my quesitons I could help you out more.
  5. I had started feeding 1/4 strength the first 2 weeks of 12/12, I had increased to full strength once. But primarily, I have been using distilled water to flush these past couple waterings.
    So should I inevest on a ppm meter, and if so how exactly does it come into play..
    Im sorry, a little noobish when it comes to all that:confused:
  6. wish i could be more of a help...i'm stumped.

    is your blue cheese from big biddah seed??

    nice plant by the way...
  7. It looks like to me that you have a nitrogen deficiency. Since you only went to 1/4 strength, then upped it to full strength and flushed it, there probably wasn't enough time for the nitrogen to be absorbed into the plant. I would suggest to jump up your feeding strength to 50% for a few waterings and see what that does.
  8. Was planning on doing just that, thanks..
    But im pretty sure you mean use my tiger bloom for nitrogen even though its for flowering, not an actual nitrogen fert. that would be dumb.. lol
  9. You got it, selfmeds!

    Good Luck!

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