Blue Cheese, OG Kush, Chemdog 4 - almost done!

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  1. All clones started end of June. Looking nice, almost ready... hope you like the pics...

    Blue Cheese (Cross of Blueberry and UK Cheese)


    Chemdog 4


    OG Kush

  2. wow, nice job, some of the nicest outdoor colas i ever seen, you had any probs with mold? blue cheese looks as thick as my leg!!
  3. Thank you (I got lucky with great strains this year). Yes, a little bit of mold in the areas eaten up by caterpillars but nothing too bad. They get lots of sun and wind so as long as I catch it early I just cut out the moldy parts and it doesn't spread. Its a daily job though, if you don't check every day and pick it off it can get ugly!
  4. looks good....yum
  5. Hey man, your blue cheese definitely looks bomb!

    The OG you have there is Reserva privada's I'm guessing? I was just wondering in how long do you think it'll be ready because it still seems to me that it still has a ways to go maybe 2-3 more weeks?

    I'm planning to do an outdoors OG next year but I am wondering if it might be a strain that takes too long to flower and if I should opt for something else instead.

    Let me know your thoughts. Nice pics though!

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    Thanks, I grew UK cheese last year and it did great, finished 10/22 and it looks like this one will be about the same, maybe a few days earlier. As for the OG, not sure of the exact strain and its my first time growing it. Also, I forgot to note that it was started about 2 or 3 weeks later than the others, so finishing later makes sense. I like to have them done before halloween... pushing later than that I get uncomfortable about the cold temps and November rains. So far the OG has done very well outdoors, along with the cheese. Cheese is definitely my favorite to grow and toke - great high and the smell is very unique. Smells sweet when the plant is alive and very cheese-like once dried and cured. Awesome strain.
  7. iye cheese always seems to do great outside!! and its all we bloody get in the UK, blue cheese, cheese and blues lol not complaining though stinks to high heaven, you just cant hide that smell :D
  8. Haha, yep you can smell it from nearly a block away lol.

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