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  1. Hello. I have two Big Buddah Blue Cheese and I decided to try a little experiment. Although this is my fifth grow, I have never tried any form of LST. I usually just grow them straight up. It provides plenty of bud for my needs and it's foolproof.

    Thought I would do it a little different this time. As you can see in the pictures, I'm going to try some extreme LST'ing on one plant and just letting the other "grow straight up." At the end of my grow, I will compare the two yields and decide if LST'ing is worth all the fuss for my needs.

    Nuts and bolts of the operation will be a 2x2x6 grow tent, 250w HPS/MH all FFoF products. 4g pots.

    These pictures were taken two days ago on Day 23 from seed. Let me know if you have any questions and I will keep this as updated as much as possible. Have a good day. :smoke:

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  2. So I just went down stairs and did some extreme LST'ing!

    I'm using binder clips from Home Depot and twine. These binder clips are awesome and every grower should keep them around. I use them for everything.

    I cut the twine about 24 inches.

    First two pictures show the amount of growth since I did this last. About 4 inches.

    I put the twine below the 2nd branch from the top and bend it until the plant reaches a 90 degree angle. When it reaches a 90 degree angle, I clipped the twine to the rim of the pot. As the plant grows taller, I slide the clip towards the others increasing the tension on the plant. At least that's my theory.

    I'm amazed how fast this plant grows and adapts everyday. I will be back tomorrow with proof.

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  3. any updates?

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