Blue Cheese / Grape OG & Vanilla Kush

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  1. I've got these 3 photos in veg, that I'm actually excited about lol. I'm looking for some Sin City fem beans after this to go with the grape..

    The line up is:
    Big Buddha's Blue Cheese (63 day flower time, probably not lol)
    Cali Connection Grape OG (not very much information on this strain)
    Tahoe OG x Grape Romulan
    hopefully I'll get this plant where it needs to be & I'm going to clone it & hope for the best, because with its lineage it has to be good.
    Barneys Farm Vanilla Kush (grown this one before, but I think I might have a retarded pheno, sadly)

    Everything is in 3 & 5 gallon pots, pro mix & AN A/B & Bud Candy, but I'm really leaning toward setting up everything in a RDWC setup as I've got Aero as my method of cloning....

    I'm going to let these run until the 1k is finished with what's under it now.

    Still a ways to go with these 4 Autos, so they still have a ways to grow. Stick around.
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  2. Hey what growing medium/nutes do you use and what type of lighting

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