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  1. I've been dreading the moment to start this journal because as much as I want to do it, I am so far behind that to sum up everything I've learned and everything that's taken place will take forever... but my knowledge has to be shared!
    Currently I am in the 8th week of flower so I am going to make these posts as descriptive as possible because it's been a long road. I've got about 1-2 weeks left as Blue Cheese is a 9-10 week strain... and worth the wait! Last year I grew it outdoor and though successful, was low yielding due to airy buds from a partial shade location. This time I would like to see more density!
    It took me minutes just to figure out what to call my journal and last second I decided to throw in the title "Cola Chamber." I knew from the beginning that what I wanted to do in such tight space was going to give me a SCROG full of colas! I anticipated 3+ oz per plant in the tight space...
    4X6X6 tent on its side
    Sunleaves 6" wind tunnel with Phresh carbon filter + 3 fans
    288 (1w) tri-band led from the beginning
    400w Metal Hallide added in flower
    200w (3w 6 band) Blackstar UV 2.0 LED added first day of flower
    100w (3w 9 band) Blackstar UFO LED added 3 weeks later

    (2) 7 Gallon Smart Pots in noob's Perlite SIP
    Soil leftover from last years Papawayne mix
    Nutes are just unsulphured blackstrap molasses (20% potassium 20% iron 10% vitamin B 10% calcium), Bee Pollen, Spring Water, Himalayan Salt Crystals
    Located in a garage, temperature control was easy in the beginning but has become harder as the last month of flower will be taking place in the winter season...
    Vegged from 7/10 - 9/3 (65 days) with only a junk chinese tri-band 288w led and 2 cfls- a 26w and a 50w. Results were great, except the plant on the left side was stunted with weaker branching in comparison to the one on the right. That is when I turned my attention to the left and sought to make it the same quality!
    During this time, I have been and am continuing to read countless books about life's connection with electricity, the connection between plants and mammals, etc. What got me really interested in this field was not only my interest in health, but I was stunned to learn of many species of plants that thrive in caves and other locations with an absence of light. I was determined to figure out what the energy source was of these plants and some believe it is from the high iron and metal ore content in these areas. This led me down the path of electroculture and this topic opened up many many doors/tabs that have not stopped opening :smoke:
    It's subjects like these that take my attention span for books and kick it into high gear to learn hidden knowledge about things we are supposed to know! The experiments in this book are so fortifying that you will not regret buying The Secret Life of Plants!
    After reading this book and others, I have incorporated copper and zinc plates into my soil (one plate on each side of the stalk) acting as electrodes with a flow of electrons, creating a battery within the soil medium by using himalayan salt crystals to enhance the electrolytic capability of the spring water and increase the soil conductivity!  In a lot of electroculture articles I've read, they used a battery of low voltage to pump through the plates and connected them with a conductive arm. I did not connect the sheets. I simply stuck them in the soil across from each other, thinking I could "charge" the soil periodically using a speaker (electromagnetic power).
    I've also incorporated magnetite Fe3O4 into the soil. Not only this, but I always liked using a metal fence for SCROG instead of string or any of the other materials people use. The steel SCROG, being a conductor and also magnetic, turned out to be very beneficial with LST. No tie downs! Magnetism is known to enhance growth rate so I bought radial magnets and cut them in half. Now simply clip the stalks where you want them! This also creates a magnetic field around that area and strengthens it! :eek: :huh: :D
    Started 7/10
    Switched to flower 9/3
    Now I will break this up from beginning to current... All pics are dated.
    7/15 - 5 days old 7-15-a.jpg
    8/2 8-2-a.jpg
    8/7 - left side stunted with weak branching, accidentally broke a branch off 8-7-e-comparison.jpg
    8/11 - started cloning 8-11-d.jpg
    8/11 - added SCROG to top and back wall 8-11-i.jpg
    8/16 - added rows of amethyst, clear, rose, and brazil quartz quartz, madagascar quartz mini points  8-16-added-crystal-rows.jpg
    8/16 8-16-b.jpg
    8/16 - added radial magnets for easy LST 8-16-c-magnets.jpg
    8/16 - added copper and zinc coils around stunted stalk (read about georges lakhovsky for more info)  8-16-e.jpg
    8/16 - negative ion meter displaying that whatever I did is doing something! (displays 0.00 at ground level) 8-16-f-ion-meter.jpg
    8/16 - magnetite Fe3O4 was sprinkled over soil. ever since, ion meter gives off 0 readings . shortly before this, I discovered that the ion meter gives off a higher reading when the crystals are in their bags and stacked on top of each other rather than in organized rows. 8-16-g-magnetite-that-messes-up-ion-meter.jpg
    8/22 - 6 days after adding all the stuff! 8-22-b.jpg
    8/22 - 11 days after taking clones 8-22-e-clones.jpg
    9/4 - the day after i got my new blackstar 200w. 1 day into flower (started 9/3). first setup. 9-4-b-first-setup-with-new-light.jpg
    9/8 - new setup with single $4 speaker playing classical music on the light timer 9-8-a-new-setup.jpg
    9/8 - clones 28 days later day of transplant (person taking them wasnt ready so they just sat) 9-8-b-clones.jpg
    9/8 - clones transplanted and ready to go. there were 4 survivors, but they were in flower for 5 days and this caused their internodes to be too spaced out. they have not come back to normal so most likely they will not be cloned and just go into flower. they have been vegging for nearly 2 months. 9-19-b.jpg
    9/19 - 9-19-d.jpg
    9/19 - the stalk on the left side stunted plant has gotten large enough to where it was supercropped to stay low! 9-19-g-supercrop-stalk.jpg
    9/19 - right side stalk 9-19-h.jpg
    9/19 - left side stunted stalk? not stunted anymore! 9-19-i.jpg
    9/24 - added 9 band 100w led 21 days into flower. 9-24-new-light-2.jpg
    9/24 - this is the most current setup i have today minus the cfl. 9-24-c.jpg
    9/24 - result of HST! the colas from these are amazing! 9-24-g-hst.jpg
    9/26 - copper and zinc plates finally came from china. hopefully they are pure! 9-26-added-copper-zinc-plates.jpg
    I am going to leave off here just in case all of this does not get posted. This is one month from where I am now and I am still going. Get ready because my next post is going to blow you guys away!! :hello:

  2. That's dope.
  3. You're a maniac! An interesting maniac, but a maniac none-the-less.
    Can't wait to see the results!
    See ya...
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    Ok so I got the speaker on 9/8. It's just a crappy $4 piezo with a tinny sound, but it's not the sound that matters- it's the vibrations.  23 days later on 10/1, I opened up the tent and HOLY CRAP how did you get in here? :huh:  We are in mid fall very far away from water and there is a frog (not a toad) just chilling directly under the speaker, apparently enjoying Beethoven's classics! This tent is totally sealed off and there is only 1 place for it to come in and that is in probably 3 hops through the 6 in sleeve in the corner... 10-1-a-mystery-frog.jpg
    We hung out for a little bit, I put him on top of the soil, right next to a crystal, and closer to the speaker and he chilled there for close to an hour before hopping down into the corner. I can't get back there but I assume he found his way out. I think it's absolutely insane that this happened. There is just no way that this guy could have navigated to it... but nature found a way! 10-1-f-put-frog-under-speaker-where-he-stayed.jpg
    Because of cold temperatures on 10/1, I had to borrow a 150 watt cfl from a friend. This light gave off about 10 degrees higher temps, but no additional growth. It is the vegetative 6500k, but still did nothing after having it in there for 12 days. 10-1-e.jpg
    On 10/6, I switched to an HPS bulb with an open wing for more heat. This adds about 15-18 degrees. I also added the Sunleaves 6" Wind Tunnel fan with controller on low hooked up to the Carbon scrubber. Then I took away the china led because I had anticipated to buy an Advanced Diamond Series led to throw in there instead. 10-6-g-added-hps.jpg
    Only problem is the HPS only lights up half the SCROG. 10-6-j.jpg
    The other side is purely LED. As much as I'd like to put the HPS over on that side, it would be a risk to burn the plants. The right side has a foot gap and the left side does not. That is the closest you can get to a plant without burning it. 10-6-l.jpg
    6 days later on 10/12, my friend told me that a metal halide gave off more light and was better for the stage I was in so I decided to use it to get the heat up as well since the temps started dropping quickly all of a sudden. Because of the extreme heat the halide gives off, I added a 6" oscillating fan just in case. 10-12-added-metal-hallide-for-heat-and-oscillating-fan.jpg
    The next day on 10/13, I figured in the meantime I'd somehow jam that bulky china led back in there somehow, so I moved the 100w blackstar ufo to a rigged alternate location that just almost fills the gap. 10-13-added-china-led-back-for-more-heat-when-leaves-started-to-curl.jpg
    At this point, my leaves had already started to curl down. They started looking unhappy and I narrowed it down to 2 things: compacted soil or cold temperatures, or both! Even though the temperatures were within range- dropping to as low as 60 degrees, it is possible that the soil could have dropped up to 10 degrees below that and could have shocked the plant into resisting nutrient uptake. I also had to plan for the next month that is going to get colder and colder. I took my 2 heating pads and put them on top of each pot for the surface and then I added these on 10/30. 10-30-added-bucket-warmers.jpg
    The bucket warmers are for a 5 gal container so they are staying on by being pressed tightly to the sides of their SIP containers. They are not working ultimately, but they are working well enough. They run only 50w at 115 degrees and were expensive, but I will be using 5 gal air pots in my next grow instead of 7 gal smart pots. This pic is taken without the heating pad because I am sitting on it before a watering! 10-30-b.jpg
    As I go in to give them their new vests, I intended to change the halide back to HPS for more density. I open the tent and boom, halide is burnt out. Guess it was meant to be? As soon as they got their heat, I saw improvement within a day. Some new growth leaves have perked up, but old ones are still not reaching upwards. I don't see the growth I want to, but then again the HPS has only been in for 3 days.
    Now that we are updated, the next pics will be high res! All previous pics were taken with a gopro. I finally found my camera battery and charger so I can resume taking high res pics...
  5. Now that I have heat under control, or at least to the best of my ability without adding a high electricity heater, I think I can continue to harvest without worry. I wish I had a heating cable coiled around the stalk at the bottom of the pot, but I'll just have to do that next time. The heating cable only activates when the thermostat senses the temp drop below 50 degrees C, so it does nothing on the surface where there is already a heating pad. The heating cable I have is actually a pipe defroster, but it's great because it can be overlapped. Soil warming heating cables have 2 wires that run parallel and cannot touch or will short itself out. I wish I had known before I bought one. Useless unless you are growing rows of small plants in a giant container.
    The soil temp shouldn't drop below 50 degrees and probably gets as hot as 70 degrees in some places if not hotter. The foliage has been exposed to 38 degree temps so far and that could account for some of the purple in the leaves, but I'm not sure.
    I can say for certain that the brown tips on the right plant have cleared up more than the tips on the left, so I am really starting to think I just overwatered the basin and drowned the roots. I haven't had to water them in about 3+ weeks now. I just give them a little squirt for the top layer that dries up because of all the heating pads. I will correct this problem in the future by having better aeration, most likely using air pots.
    Approaching the 9th week of flower coming on 11/5, I still don't see the density I want. Instead, I have tons of crystals! Pics were taken 7 days before 9th week of flower. What do you guys think? Are my fan leaves abnormally coated or what? The view today is not much different except that they've filled out a little more and got a little more crystallized. I think I am going to go the full 10 weeks because there are still many yellow pistils and not all have receded yet. I don't want amber, but I don't think they will be in a week. I will monitor them closely and chop as soon as I see any.
    The first 2 pics I took with flash.
    The rest of the pics were taken with lights off and a 50 watt cfl for back lighting.
  6. 3 more days until the 10th week of flower is complete and finally I am starting to see the buds fill out. A lot of growth in just 4 days, including another coating of crystals! Man when I just move stuff around, it looks like pollen is in the air as trichromes disperse all over the place...
    It looks like I might be going past 10 weeks since there are still white pistils, but we'll see what happens in the next 3 days! I can say without a doubt, though, that the plant on the left (the stunted one) has surpassed the right plant and has more filled out growth! I will have to separate their drying chambers and see just how much fruit yield there is in comparison, but def fatter buds on the left side! Did the coils give it more life???
  7. Those are some sexy buds, CAPT. !!!
  8. Thanks Papa, I have you to thank. I think I forgot to mention that although this is your mix from last year... it is the same exact mix from last year, meaning I reused it- took all the pots and threw them in a bin, mixed it all up, and dished it back into these 2 smarties. That could be why I started to see signs of deficiency. Not sure though because they seemed to perk up when I stopped feeding them water, so that is also an indicator of over watering. Could be both.
    I just bought a ph meter to know for sure. Was going to go digital, but then realized the magnetic field would probably mess with it so I went standard.
    I must say though, these buds seem to have more crystals than last years. Could be the increased light since I've never done an indoor grow the whole way through. Normally I start them and move them outside. They just keep getting better! I've been eating the buds the whole time and today they are noticeably spicier than yesterday. Holy crap that taste is still lingering and I think I'm slightly buzzed. THC-A is supposed to be inactive but idk maybe my mouth warmed that shit up!
    I just bought a used camera on ebay so I hope my pics get better so you can see what I'm seeing! Those pics do no justice! :yummy:
  9. Hey CAPT.,
    A new camera is cool...what kind is it?
    The most important part of photography is the lighting. If you can come up with two daylight, twisty florescent bulbs in reflectors, you will be all set. 
    If your camera has adjustment settings, always use ISO: 100. And if you can scrounge up a tripod, your images will always be crisp and sharp.
    One of the big things I miss about not keeping my journal is taking the weekly pics.
    Looks so tasty, I want to lick it!
    See ya...
  10. OMG papa that looks delicious! Thanks for the camera tips. I'm a video guy and I've never had to deal with ISO. Actually bought a real nasty camera, a Sony DSC-HX1. I wanted better pics (pics like yours!) and I was on cnet under Sony and that popped up with really good reviews. I looked on Ebay and saw that used they go for around $100, even though in 2009 they were $1000 new and still sell for about $500 new so I just said fuck it and bought it. The asshole took a week to send it though. I told him I didn't want it anymore and to just refund me cuz I really didn't need to get it and he said it was already in the mail.... he went to the post office right after! He's probably gonna get negative feedback from me... maybe neutral if I'm nice.. def negative if it's scuffed! <_<
    ISO 100 for every shot? Zoom in for any? I'm going to have to do a lot of experimenting. I've been using a 50w cfl for the above pics. I do have another 23 watter somewhere and that would probably cover the whole area. I actually made a mistake with the tent size in the first post and my last years journal. My tent is not 4X6X6! It's only 4X2X6! Practically a closet grow and I'm trying to yield 6 oz with 2 plants! :D  Ambition...
    Wednesday was week 10 and I didn't check on them because it was too cold. Temps dropped to 38 so it's probably only 68 degrees in there and would have been 60 if I checked them so I'll just wait. I saw them yesterday and the pistils aren't completely receded yet, but not too many white ones left. Def getting skunkier with each day! When it got really cold last week I made the mistake of turning off the scrubber for more heat and although it bumped the temps up 15 degrees, the skunk got let out of the cage... I can only imagine what they are going to smell like when they are ready... Skunkass! :laughing:
  11. So yesterday was week 10 and I took these pics today. Lowest temp without lights on was 40 degrees, but they both look happy. I think as long as the soil stays warm, they can hang because the soil is definitely staying between 60-80 degrees consistently.
    Judging by the white hairs that keep pumping out, I'd say I can go to week 11 without seeing amber. Gonna keep a close eye and see what happens. Some serious fattening of the colas with each passing day! :ey:
    What do you think? I'm basically working with 2 ft vertical height and 2X5 space ^_^
  12. Lookin good dude! :wave: I have never heard of using magnetic fields to improve growth before :unsure: very interesting. Reminds me of sacred geometry gardens and using quartz crystals for the energy. Anyway, subbed :D

    And you got PW to come outta hiding?! Whoa!

    Hiya @papawayne :wave: dunno if you remember me, but I've been spending a lot of time in your old journal recently. MGB's old'n too. Good stuff :) wish you guys were still updating! :D
  13. TJ, look up "earth battery" in google. Earth is a giant magnet and all you need are electrodes to harness a small current of electricity. I can only imagine doing the same experiment in the ground will be 10x more effective!
    Never heard about sacred geometry gardens before. I'm going to have to do more research on it. The quartz crystals def give off energy. More specifically, they do without a doubt according to the meter give off negative ions. I do know that people use negative ion generators in the grow room in place of air ionizers to improve the quality of the air... and if they enhance peoples lives, they must enhance the life of a plant. Though, it seems their arrangement is better in bags than in rows. :huh:
    PW is a sleeping giant. He taught enough people enough things and only pops in once in a while to see if the seeds he planted are growing! :poke:
    I am a bit behind on my updates because I have to crop all my pics before upload. Anyways, I had a partial harvest exactly a week ago on 11/19, 11 weeks into flower. Half the buds had receded pistils and the other half they were still white and stretching so I did a partial and covered the chopped ends with comfrey :)
    Here's some PW famous "BUD PORN" Try not to drool on yourselves!
    Here's what's remaining:
    Anddd here's the reward for a night's pre-dry trim job... Finger hash!
  14. Man the colors on those plants are insane! And so frawsty :yummy: Beautiful work, cap :wave: looking fwd to a smoke report :ey:

    I will definitely check out the earth battery that is very interesting. Makes sense. A generator works by rotating magnets around a coil of copper wire. The magnets pull on the electrons in the copper which begins the flow of electricity.
  15. Hey TJ,
    That's right... and if you create a magnetic field, simply inserting wire within it will conduct the energy flow and the more coils you have, the more energy is harnessed. Bigger voice coil, more sound. Can't wait to try it in the ground! Enhance the magnetic field with magnetite and the more spread out it is, can actually increase the nutrient brix of whatever you are growing! :ph34r:
    I just finished trimming the first of the partial harvest and man are they frosty! I like my buds a little crispy so after the hang, I had the nuggies sitting in boxes to dry up a little more before starting the cure. I've been vaping the trim and smoking the scissor hash in my gpen for a week now and will be for the next few weeks as the bud gets its moisture back and starts really stinking! ;)
    Earlier this week, we had a crazy morning where the temps jumped from 28 to 60 degrees over night and my temps jumped to 130 degrees because I had the scrubber off! I thought they were toast and had to harvest right then and there, but I checked on them later and were doing fine after drinking some spring water. :eek: Makes me feel like a novice for having that happen, but at the same time the temps that I'm trying to keep under control are near impossible!
    I would have thought they were dead, but it's been 4 days since then and they are still looking great except for that their leaves crisped up. Might still be better than my 1st harvest that just started curing... :confused_2:
    This is what they were looking like a week ago. I'll update the pics on harvest day. They are just pushing 12 weeks now but these pics are at 11 weeks:
  16. It's been over a week since my first harvest and today I will be cutting down the rest at 12.5 weeks! I haven't gotten to it yet because before I do, I wanted to update some pics. Got a new camera for all future pics: a Sony HX-1. Now you should be able to see the trichs almost as good as I can! These pics were taken before trim.
    Right Plant: Got some light burn, but didn't affect trich production!
    Left Plant: Once stunted, but turned out better!
    I've been vaping the trim for a week now and will probably be doing so for a month with the amount I have! I did sneak in 1 joint because this girl wanted me to smoke a J of her beasters and I wasn't for that so I rolled up some cheese and it was so delicious without any curing! I just know that after a month of jar life, I'm going to be smelling that sweet skunk that I love so much!
    My next update will include my 2nd harvest that I'm about to go do. Can't wait to get more scissor hash! Btw, this is the most potent smell I've ever smelled! 
  17. Dang, Capt., beatiful girls. Nice harvest. Interesting techniques you got goin. Subbed.
  18. I just logged in to see what year I started doing electroculture, as it has been a hot topic in the growing community these last few months.

    I can't believe it's been 10 years since I started experimenting with electroculture. Certainly I've improved my technique, but I haven't grown indoors since this one so it's impossible to compare. However, the sun, wind, and birds def play a greater role.

    Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured out how to eliminate pests with this technology, but I know it is possible.
  19. :huh: Won't let me upload pics...

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