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Blue Cheese and Pineapple Punch

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by respyshunt, May 11, 2010.

  1. Picked up an eigth of pineapple punch today and traded a friend gram for gram for some blue cheese.
    First pic is the whole eigth, second is the 1g nug of blue cheese, finally a nug of the pineapple.

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  2. damn bro 3.4 he shorted you id be pissed


    nice buds
  3. same here boss:devious:
  4. Honestly the .1 or .2 that i tend to be getting shorted quite often really doesnt bother me anymore because that .1 isnt going to get me that much higher.

  5. truth.
    nice marijuana OP:hello:

  6. well if it tends to happen i'd say something because it adds up

    if you get shorted .1 or .2 even 5 times thats .5 or a gram more you coulda had

    but since it only happens by the .1 or .2 id understand

    but to me there's also a decent difference .1 is nothin but .2 is like minimum bowl size
  7. a bowl for me is .5-.7 lol

  8. Damn man, you smoke some small ass bowls lol. I usually smoke a half-3/4 of a gram in one bowl.

    I don't see why people trip over .1, its not a big deal. If someone ever complained to me about it, I'd tell them to find a new dealer. Simple as that. Don't like what I got? Don't buy it. Thats common sense.
  9. A bowl for me is 500 GRAMS!!!!!!!!

    :D Nice buds...
  10. So admitting you sell. Great post man. :hello:


  11. :eek:

    God? Is that you? :wave:

  12. Never did I admit that I sell.

    You are reading it out of context apparently. It was all a hypothetical situation.

    By the way, real mature to end your post in "R-tard" Are you sure you're old enough to be on this site?
  13. I admit, I can see where you are coming from now.

    Old enough by 2 years. I just type it that way for a reason, clearly its the same amount of letters as completely spelling it out.
  14. ROFL @ the comments in this thread.

    and yeah, a .1 can make one fire ass bowl!! hahah

    ...but not sayin yu got shorted, juss noticed some idiots smoke half a gram in one bowl LOLLLL, when I could easily make that into 5-6 bowls, for 2-3 seperate sessions hhaha
  15. I think comparing each other's bowl sizes and saying they can only get ripped off of x amount... is really a waste of time. We are all different people with different tolerances. THAT being said.... NICE pickup! I would be upset over time about the missing .2 or .1 cause as OP said it does add up to .5 or higher of course. REGARDLESSSS... how'd they smoke?! :smoking:

  16. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were superior to me because you smoked small bowls.

    I hate to get onto the "I can out smoke you, you can out smoke me" thing, but man, I'm a grower... I don't need to worry about smoking a half gram in a bowl.

    I'm sorry my damn tolerance is through the roof after smoking for 8 years, smoking .2g is not going to get me high. Hell a half gram of headies just barely does the trick.
  17. yeah and my scale wavers a little bit.. its somewhere between 3.1 and 3.4, but im thinking its 3.4.. havent had a chance to smoke it yet...i smoked the blue cheese on saturday night after prom and got WRECKED off a joint roach that we hit out of a water bottle and a bowl pack between 3 people.
  18. ^^Agreed who cares how much you put in your bowl. BTW Nice pickup dude! Happy Toking!!:wave:

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