Blue Berry Super Skunk!Normal..Scrog..& FIM!!

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  1. :yay: Hay all! Starting my first actually 2nd indoor grow though!
    March 8th is our (?) girls B-Day! Plants have been numbered 1 through 5 as Fallows so hopefully people can fallow along! We decided this time around to try 3 different methods with one strain...just to see how it goes by direct comparison! I am not a is my second indoor grow..i have also done one outside...and one a few years back in a green house! But, all of them have gone pretty well! Would appreciate any advice or tips...
    Just to make things clear...i may not stick exactly to the regular procedures that others use specifically..have read many articles and will be using a combination of things i feel will work for out girls! Please try not to go ape if i don't fallow to the T!! Thanx!
    To start.......... a discription of the Closet and conditions will fallow with pics.
    We are currently at 3 weeks but, i may not get all of them in there right away! Gonna try my darndest though!:D
  2. Awesome man! I will be watching this one like a hawk! Good luck.
  3. Don't think i said it before so, i'll clarify now..We are attempting to grow 4 BBSS seeds in 3 ways....2 of them(the healthiest 2) will be grown naturaly, 1 will be done as a Scrog and 1 will be Fimmed! I chose the 2 weakest for this just incase i screw up! But, If the techniques work as planned...hopefully they will do well anyway with these techniques! We'll have to wait and see!:rolleyes:

    :D Our Set up!
    Closet size 25 inches deep
    58 inches wide
    65 inches tall
    Closet Storage Shelves
    25 inches deep
    19 inches wide
    21 inches tall Plus or minus at each shelf
    Closet is devided and has shelves on one side growing space on the other!

    Lights and Air
    2 ...4 foot 40 watt flourescents for first week
    400 watt halide w/air cooled ballast for veging
    250 watt hps for flowering
    18 inch 3 speed fan
    6 inch inline duct fan for exhaust and air filtering


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  4. Mediums for growning

    We are using simple everyday things you can get anywhere!
    Miracle grow potting soil 21-07-14 with slow release 15-03-08 extra perlite added
    Standard 9 inch deep planters
    miracle grow 20-20-20 diluted when needed to 10-10-10 and 05-05-05 veg stage
    Vita Bloom liquid fertilizer 0-10-10 for flower stage
    purified water (no tap water!)
    (cleaned by reverse osmosis if possible..not all purified water is cleaned this way!)
  5. HIGH All, hey vamp looking good and excellent description of what your doing.

    **Pulls up Chair and sits on Floor**
  6. :smoke: Plant Key for future purpose!
    Plant # 1 Blue Berry Super Skunk .....Normal natural Grow ...(BBSS1)
    Plant # 2 Blue Berry Super Skunk.....Normal Natural Grow...(BBSS2)
    Plant # 3 Blue Berry Super Skunk ..... Fimming Method ...(BBSS3)
    Plant # 4 Blue Berry Super Skunk .....Scrog Method ...(BBSS4)
    Plant # 5 Pineaple What the Fuck.....Normal Natural Grow ...(PWTF5)

    Blue Berry Super Skunk are supposed to be feminized seeds from canada!
    Pineaple What the Fuck..came from pineaple dog shit but, were polinated by ?
    Still have the pineaple taste but, don't know what they are mixed with so...
    came up with a new one...possible...blueberry cross or commercial cross! Higher chance of getting a male or hermi out of this one! Hopefully we'll see a female!:eek:

    All were started at the same time! all came up on the same day!

    Seeds were started on march 5th in peat pellets inside of typical small seed starter with dome.Wrapped foil around the top so that light would not get in . And placed on top of a heating pad set on lowest setting with the pad sandwiched between thick folded towel to keep seedlings from receiving to much heat!
    Peat pellets and water both started at a PH level of 6.5
    B-Day March 8th
    Babies were put under 24 hour flourescent light on the 8th!

    Pics of the babies at 24 hours !


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  7. Friday march 10th...48+ hours old
    They are now 2 inches tall and have been transplanted..peat pellet and all into 12oz cups!
    Average temp at that time was 82 to 84 degrees..With flouras! We did not have the 6 inch exhaust fan at this point!
    PH is still 6.5 and i have started misting them a couple times a day!
    I have to correct something i said previousely..the floura's were only used on this group untill the 10th! this time we used them longer the first time...
    We also added the halide on the 10th... 24/7 light at a height of 24 inches from top of plant to bottom of Halide bulb!
    All of them were left in the peat pellet tray with lid off at this point and i kept 1/4 inch of water in the bottom of it for a little extra humidity and continue to mist them especially first thing in the morning...and 3 or 4 more times through the day!

    Pics are 5 days!


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  8. One Week of Age!

    Still under 24 hour halide
    PH 6.5
    2+ inches in height
    :D First Fert! Used only half an ounce of 5-5-5
    Average temp still 82+ degrees

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  9. Lookin' great, keep it up! Those will reward you nicely!

  10. everythings lookin great...when you plan starting FIMming? also you said you planned on SCROGgin in the same grow do you plan on doing this... you've got me stumped on that've got dank to come, i'll be back later and expect beauty shots
  11. 10 days old
    Switched light schedule to 18/6 halide
    Lights out 12 midnight till 6 am
    added 1 oz water
    PH still 6.5
    3 inches in height
    Continued with 1 oz water untill 2 weeks!
    At 2 weeks they are now 4+ inches in height
    Fertilized once again at 2 weeks with half an ounce of 5-5-5
    PH still 6.5
    Havn't tested N-P-K as of yet
    After 2 weeks watered every other day with 2 to 3 oz's
    At 17 days there is now a change in PH
    BBSS are 6.3
    PWTF is 6.4
  12. I plan on designing a small stand with screen specific to the one plant! Stay'll see! Am adding more info as we speak!
  13. Week 3!
    I'm finaly gettin close to caught up on this thing..LOL!
    All were transplanted to 9 inch pots. With soil listed at top of page!
    BBSS 1-4 are all 5 to 5.5 inches in height
    PWTF is now 6 inches in height
    All were well watered during transplant and 12 oz of 5-5-5 was added to each planter!
    PH for BBSS is 6.4 at start in new pot
    PH for PWTF is 6.3 at the start in new pot
    Average temp is now 80 degrees or less now that 6 inch exhaust is in place

    Now the details will begin to change!

    Picks are of 3 weeks!
    Next entry will have pics of start of scrog and fimming!:hello:

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  14. Day 20
    BBSS 1 & 2 are left alone! PH is still 6.4
    No NPK readings yet! (gettin on that soon LOL)
    PWTF # 5 is left alone! PH is 6.4
    No NPK reading yet!

    BBSS # 3 LST _ FIM
    Started LST, used hemp twine to tie horizontaly to top of planter! Only about 45 degree bend so as not to stress to much of the plant or risk breaking stem.
    Trimmed away fan leaves blocking light only if they could not be partialy trimmed. Other leaves were only clipped about half way so they can still be used to gather light. In addition....leaves that were touching soil were also trimmed (leaves touching the soil can cause rot and mold or mildew problems)
    Topped off the 7th node. Because these were started from seed.

    Fallowed same procedure above for # 3
    Ph on both plants is 6.4 still

    Noticed a little yellowing of lower leaves on all 5 plants
    12 oz of 5-5-5 was added

    First pic all 5 plants
    Pic 2 BBSS # 1
    Pic 3 BBSS # 4 (Scrog)
    Pic 4 BBSS # 3 (FIM)
    Pic 5 PWTF # 5

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  15. Day 22
    All 5 were given 12 more oz of 5-5-5
    PH is still 6.4 in all pots
    Light is still 18/6 halide
    BBSS # 3 and 4 were rechecked after a couple days growth and any leaves that increased to much insize and began to cover growth were trimmed again or removed. In addition..they were both tightened down a bit more to achieve a better horizontal angle.
    So far in comparison to the other plants that were left alone...the lower branches of BBSS 3 and 4 are larger leafed and longer stemed.
    Plant height on bbss 3 and 4 from here on out will be measured from the top of the pot to the top of the tallest leaf.
    BBSS 1 and 2 and PWTF will still be measured from soil level up!
    BBSS 1 and 2 are now 6 inches
    BBSS 3 and 4 less than half an inch.
  16. looking good! :hello: nice job on you just have to set back and wait...btw.. the SCROG screen(compact) sounds awesome can't wait to see what you got in mind. GrOw OuT
  17. :D Day 25
    Raised light 5 or 6 inches because of plant growth.
    BBSS 1 and 2 are 8 inches high
    BBSS 3 (FIM) is now 1 inch
    BBSS 4 (Scrog) is now 1 inch
    PWTF 5 is now 8 inches
    LIght is still 18/6 under halide
    20 oz of water was given
    12 oz of 20-20-20 was given
    Soil PH is still a 6.3-6.4 average

    Day 28
    Today is there 1 month B-Day
    Light is the same ...Soil PH is the same
    Trimmed the first set of true leaves and the first set of branches today!
    The first set of branches is just to spindaly when older! Did this to all 5 plants!
    Gave 20 oz of water
    BBSS 1 and 2 are now 10-11 inches
    BBSS 3 1 1/2 inches
    BBSS 4 1 1/2 inches
    PWTF 5 is now 12 inches

    Next post will be at 30 days with picks!
  18. :hello:Day 30!Yahoo! I'm caught up! LOL!
    I'd like to start out by reminding that the purpose of a SCROG is to use a
    small space! From what i have read and understand an aproximate 12 by 12 space is appropriate for one plant! And since i have 5 in this small space still ( no sex yet hopefully we'll be keeping all 5 if all goes well! LOL) we built a 13 by 13 screan that is attatched to the wall by hinges. There is a chain keeping it from falling down to far and it allows us to keep the screan folded up against the wall when not in use. the inside space of the screan is 12 inches by 12 inches.
    Because BBSS is Indica Sativa i used a standard 12 inches above the pot to set the screan height! If we find by flowering time that the screan is to high or can and will be moved to the appropriate height!

    :rolleyes: Have a question?:rolleyes:
    What node should i trim the branches comming off of the Scrog and FIM
    I have read different opinions...any input is appreciated!
    Also! We plan on switching to 12/12 light this weekend! But, are going to keep the halide on it for additional week or 2 before switching to HPS! Because of the growth spurt that should fallow the change of light hoping that the halide will help a little more than the hps at first during this period! Does anyone have any knowledge on this too?
    BBSS 1 and 2 are 11 1/2 and 12 inches now
    BBSS 3 FIM is now 2 inches
    BBSS 4 Scrog is now 2.5 inches
    PWTF is now 13.5 inches
    (only a slight concern over PWTF height, it is tall and gangley by nature, so, we expect it to continue to be much taller than the BBSS no matter the sex! Mother plant was pretty cool looking...awesome smoke too!)

    Once again ...sory about pic quality!
    Pic 1 and 2 are of FIM plant BBSS 3 with BBSS 2 and PWTF 5 in center.
    Pic 3 and 4 is BBSS 4 with Scrog Screan and BBSS 1 in front of it..PWTF 5 to the right at center
    Pic 3 BBSS 4 Scrog

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  19. sweet! +rep to ya

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