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    sorry for the bad pic I only have a webcam, I went to my boys house today to pickup some bud and I got one of these too. It is a blue 1up mushroom with white flecks in it I was wondering if any has any experience with these? It's pretty cool I'm psyched that I have it.
  2. Thoes ones are bad news :S
    Last time i had like 7, they are straight up pressed cyanide.

    ok no, but t looks tastah
  3. You don't literally mean cianide do you? Do you have a link to a report for them? My friends who tried them said they were good.
  4. Obviously it was a joke, indicated by the "ok, no"
    And the outlandish claim that i did not die from eating 7 pressed cyanide pills?
  5. I'm just blazed from the bomb bud I picked up from the same kid. :smoking:
  6. Its probably bunk.Check pillreports or something.
  7. Already checked and I can't find anything about it, someone had green ones of the same press and the test came back MDMA and MDxx.
  8. Probably not a good roll, but I am sure it isn't poison, so you could try it out.
  9. i don't know how anyone who posted on this thread could be so certain about the potency of this pill/press if they don't have any experience or prior knowledge about this kind. lol, assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME. but forreal, i would just take your boys word. if he's really you're boy and has taken the same pill and said they're ok then there is no reason for him to lie and make them better than what they really are. have fun with that, dude!
  10. Thanks man, I'm not sure when I'm going to take it. Today I am going to a cookout for my brother graduating (I'm so proud of him:D) and we are going to my mother's friends house so she can help her with her computer. I was kind of hoping for a good day roll so I am probably going to wait until Tuesday/Wednesday.
  11. Update: This roll was fuckin' awesome, it had me rollin' hard for a good four hours.
  12. did u happen to get that at the recent phish show? looks verrrrrrry firmilliar
  13. No, I've never been to a phish show, but I bet it would be fun.
  14. Oh, awesome. I'd actually love to see some decent shaped presses. >o<... All of the other presses I've seen that were shapes were pipes. All my friends would think that's awesome, but they'd also be a little weary. Around here, even all the outpresses are pipes. Luckily, they're actually pretty rare.
  15. seriously just got the same exact press in NY....seemed legit to me as well, i rolled pretty hard.

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