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blowin smoke on the herb in a jar

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluntmanx420, May 26, 2009.

  1. alright so everytime im chillin at my friends house, he always does this thing when we are smoking blunts,

    he keeps his weed in a mason jar, its a rather bigger jar, so theres a lot of extra room, and everytime we are smokin he blows all the smoke into the jar, and overtime the smoke usally makes the weed smell and look better if you keep doing it....anyone else do this? and is the smoke like goin into the weed and doin somethin ?
    rofl idk im mad high .. but it just makes me wonder how that affects the weed..

  2. dude... WTF. AHAHAHAAA

    it makes it look better?

    ahhahahaa. tha fuck. :smoking:
  3. dude your friend is crazy rofl
  4. That's pretty stupid.
  5. Dunno, lots of people do stupid shit like that, doesn't do much, but if you like the smell I guess it's all good.
  6. I personally think thats disgusting, would you want your food to always be smoky? ok i know its not the same cuz you smoke it anyway, but if you have an airtight jar the point is to keep air and light away from it.
  7. It smells better? Damn that bud must have smelled like shit to begin with.
    Blowing smoke on it will resinate the buds a little, but idk about everyone else but resin smells like shit to me. It will increase the potency a little while completely destroying any good tastes or smells.

    They make metal pipes with a fat unscrewable chamber that is made to hold a few nugs, so when u smoke it the smoke goes over your stash.

    I did that with mids but id never taint my dank with resin.
  8. the bud will smell like shit.

    your friend is an idiot.
  9. Everyone's got their way of satisfying want, whether it be placebo or not.
    If he thinks his bud is better after that, let him do it, as long as it keeps him happy.

  10. Blunt smoke smells amazing, thats whats changing the smell. So yes it would make it smell different. Not really a good idea to do it but it cant hurt it I guess
  11. nah bs makes no difference..... doesnt make the bud look or smell better. not makin it smell worse but it wont have any effect on the bud. hes doin this cuz maybe hes baked n doesnt know wtf hes doin?
  12. wtf!! are yall smoking angeldust blunts? this is a horrible idea as you can see from the responses you are getting. tell your friend to cut that shit out and that its ruining his bud.
  13. how could blowing out the residue possibly be advantageous for your pot? mason jars are meant to keep your bud sweet and pristine that just fucking defeats the purpose by holding toxins in it 24/7. STOP THE MADNESS
  14. that is DUMBBBBBBB. kids think of pretty dumb stuff that they think will get them higher
  15. Hahaha, I don't know why but this made me laugh :hello:
  16. u kiddding me?
  17. Hey, to each his own. I personally think it's insane but whatever floats his boat.

    Blunts are nasty in the first place, in my opinion. Again, I don't care what other people like to do though. If that's your thing then partake and enjoy :)
  18. Whatever... I highly doubt it effect potency. I can see though how the humidity in the exhaled smoke could fluff up the buds over some time if the jar is sealed afterwards. That would most definatly make them "look better" if they were mids or just real dry stuff.
  19. Smell better? I'm not sure what your weed smelled like previously...Last time i checked stale smoke does not smell good AT ALL.
  20. i rather have my buds smelling nice and fresh..not smelling like shit scented smoke

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