Blowin' shit up with tha "CherryBomb", free weed owns!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. haha hell yeah! I been dry for a week or so, just cause i had to spend my weed money on bike parts.

    Anyways, there's a knock at my door while i'm sittin' on tha crapper birthin' a brownfish, so i's like "hold on, I'm on tha crapper dawg!"

    Damn i'm glad i got off tha crapper!

    My homey was at my door with somethin' for me. He busts out a fat sack and breaks me off a big fat bud of a local strain called "cherrybomb"

    Check this shizzle out!

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  2. ROFLMFAO!!!!

    Glad your getting to smoke!!
  3. He warned me "toke it slow, maan, all you need is a bit" and this is my dawg who knows i can hang. For him to warn me, well, damn.

    This is some pretty ass weed, it's bright green, blonde, and just look at those hairs, check tha color!

    Here's tha nug he broke me off, pure sens'

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  4. Looks very much like some of my bud here in Indiana. You'll be lit like a firecracker in a bit.... Have fun with it!!
  5. *drool*


    looks dense!
    have fun!
  6. i jus packed me a lil nug in my bowl, whole, cause they ain' no beans in this one, and it's about time for "trial by fiyah"

    hold it hold it' don' choke!

    Tasty! Let's see what one good hit does.

    It tastes like tha 'lights but thicker, got a real good flavor and smokes clean, not wet danky, but nice and crisp so it burns good (usually the weed i get is so diggity it's "fireproof", so much so that joints won't burn)

    Hell yeah, i gots tha uplift now.

  7. This bud can induce some serious munchies.


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