Blowin oxys

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tko13, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. who else is in love?
  2. as in snorting them?
    I take them by mouth; I refuse to snort anything.
  3. its the same if you snort em or eat em. when you snort them and you get to taste it its great
  4. why is this in general?
  5. id rather buy heroin and purify it
  6. fucked up on 40mg of hydros..

    floating ya know
  7. I wish I had some oxy to blow right now.
  8. Actually, bioavalability is higher when insuflated (snorted)
  9. DAMN shouldn't have used my oxy last night. WANT IT NOW!
    And yes I too love blowing oxy.
  10. havent gotten to try it yet, but i'm workin on it.
  11. finishing up my 80 right now;)
  12. oohh man nothing has ever gone so smooth up my nose. except mabey-wait nevermind nothing has beaten it. its great but i also hate it, it got one of my best friends addicted to opiates and now is doin heroin. its hella gayyyy
  13. don't care if they're better when snorted.
    I refuse to let myself get addicted that way- it's pathetic.
    I don't want to get addicted now, but I'd rather be a pill popper than a crush-and-sniff addict.

  14. Unfortunatly there are some serious flaws in your idea, regardless if you sniff, shoot, eat, the addiction is all the same, there's no difference.

    The fact that for some reason you think theres a difference between the types is wrong
  15. And if you are addicted, and even if you're not for that matter why would you waste money buy dosing orally when they are more effective when snorted.
  16. This week has been a good one. I had 3 refills on my bottle of promethazine and codeine and I still got one 8 ounce bottle left. Sippin on some syrup listening to 2pac...good morning I guess haha. Doesnt compare to oxys but still a great feeling.
  17. The chance of addiction is higher when snorted because it's more effective that way.

  18. Incorrect, bioavability is higher orally than intranasally. If you want want the most bang for your buck I'd say go with rectal admin. Comes on as fast as snorting them and lasts as long as orally. You could shoot them but they don't last as long.

    The only thing better about snorting OC than taking it orally is it comes on in 5minutes rather than 15.
  19. i get higher snorting 40mgs then eating the same amount but the high is shorter lasting and faster to kick in. if you wanna save money tho you can drink grapefruit juice to potentiate it orally.

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