Blowin O's

Discussion in 'General' started by Meows, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Can anyone give me a good description on how to blow o's?
    Or a good video.
    And i heard of this other trick.
    Cloud nine?
    i think.
    I dunno.
  2. It's actually not very hard at all. A lot of people think you have to make yourself look like a fish and make kissing motions, but that's not how (at least I can't do it like that).

    First- Suck the smoke into your mouth, not into your lungs.
    Second- Prepare to make an O-shape with your lips, not too wide, but not too small.
    Third- Open your mouth, and let out the smallest breath possible. You'll make something like a tiny cough sound. If you blow to hard it'll just make a mess...of smoke...

    After a couple tries you'll probably have it.

    EDIT: Oh and idk what a cloud nine is. Is that another name for a French inhale?
  3. basically the same thing he said, but use either your throat muscles, jaw, or tounge to push out the smoke, i find this works better than using breath. Make sure you just put smoke in mouth. When making the "o" with your lips, make it small, smaller the easier(but smaller the circles) and make sure your teeth are not in the way of the O.
    cloud nine probably refers to the cloud of smoke coming from mouth, and inhaling it back in?
    that is just easy, smoke in mouth, open mouth, breath smoke out very slow.
    Also for all tricks you sorta have to do them inside, because even very small wind will fuck them up
  4. the only way i can describe it is make an O with ur lips and pop ur jaw.
  5. I find that if u point your tongue down it helps get it out of the way. the hole is not made with your tongue. i dunno if this is common sense but as soon as i figured that out i had success.
  6. I talked to someone today and they said cloud nine is Where you blow all the smoke into a cloud and then suck it back in.
  7. Oh ok. Well, uh, I've never really tried that, so I don't know.
  8. YAY
    Thank you for a successful method.
    All you others failed.
  9. here's how i do this 'cloud nine' which i thought was called ghost hitting? maybe they're two different things, i donno.
    anyways i get a mouth full of smoke and kind of make a little pop noise motion with my mouth as i move my head backwards a little bit, then suck it all back it. it should make a thick mushroom cloud

  10. Yup, that's about it.

    Just work on your technique and you'll be able to blow some fat ass rings. Joints work the best for em, too.

    Personally I combine the tiny cough and using my jaw to push it out.
  11. I mostly use my tounge. here's a pic of a few years ago of me in my mom's kitchen haha


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