Blowback: Why They Try to Bomb Us

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  1. I agree, just look at Timothy McVeigh.
  2. Ahh attempts at moral relativism. Cute. Failed. But cute.
  3. I'd appreciate my demonstration now. :)

  4. Did you read the article? His attempt at moral relativism is rather obvious. And not very good, but a good try. That's why I said "cute." Because it was a nice try, but it failed to make the relativists case.

    I am neither disputing nor not disputing facts he presents (badly). I am making a statement about the moral judgments he insinuates in some places and overtly states in others.

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    Too simple, and also quite false. This conflict is 1400 years old. The islamists have one agenda, and one agenda only, all the world must submit to islam. They won't give up until that goal is met. Such is the nature of ideological fanatism. Not helped by also being mistaken as a religious creed.

    The only reason Pakistan exist, is because they could not stand the though of beeing governed by a secular Indian democracy. The strife continues to this day. The Kashmir conflict have flashed into outright war twice. Muslims have some, they want more. In recent history, we have numerous terror attacks, where the Mumbai one, with the help of the ISI, Pakistani version of the CIA, was deeply involved.

    Pakistan try to ride several horses at once. But the reason for their abject misery is not the West, it is not India. It is quite simply that they are a muslim state. It is that simple.

    When you get down to it, Pakistanis and Indians are essentially the same people. What differs is their creed, not their ethnisity by and large. India is doing quite well. Their Hindu tradition is quite tolerant, and open for criticism and renewal in how their society should be run. Not so with islam.

    Which is also why you see muslim majority countries doing very poorly by any standard, even despite great wealth in some arab countries. They have no real civilization. They have feudalism.

    Might is righ. That is what islam preach, and what muslim countries are governed by.

    And by that creed, the borders of islam have been burning for 1400 years. There is no excusing it, and we sure as hell did not start it.

    But we will end it. We must, or else we will enter a new dark-age.

  6. What do you propose we do with all these dirty Islamics?

  7. What did we do with the Nazis, KKK, skin heads and all the violent hate monger of the world? Why is it so hard to get guys like you to understand this when it involves non-white racists hate mongers? Suddenly when Islam is invovled you all get wishy washy.
  8. Wrong.

    You do realize that America was best friends with Afghanistan when they were fighting off the soviets, and we supplied them with weapons? Remember how Charlie Wilson was a hero in Afghanistan, and good friends with the Mujahadeen?

    The whole 'this war has been going on for thousands of years' argument is patently false.
  9. Israel. Israel stirred up a bunch of shit and now we're paying the price. Nothing agasint Israel or anything but that pretty much started everything.
  10. ^ well realy it was the allies FORCING the creation of Israel after WW2. But yeah.........The jews just wanted their land back, but even that is fueld by blind faith in religious prophecies.

    The USA should just pull it's dick out of the rest of the world and then nut all over it's face.
  11. The US sponsored the Northern Alliance (not to be mistaken for the islamist Taliban) aka Mujaheedin because it was a great opportunity to tie up soviet resources during the cold war. The mistake of the US, was to leave the NA out to hang after the Soviet-Afghan war ended. That played right into the hands of the islamist reactionaries, which exploited the general instability left in the wake of all funds drying up as both superpowers withdrew their support for the two major factions in the conflict. Which left a chaotic and devastated wartorn country without effective governance and ability to rebuild. The general instability of this, left an opening for the religious fanatics of the Taliban to seize power without much opposition. Promising stability, but delivering barbarism.

    Had the US and the west helped the NA to stabilize the country, and provide funds and credit to do so, Afghanistan would not have become the hive of terrorist supporting islamists it did.

    But you are wrong in asserting this conflict have not been going on for 1400 years. How do you think islam spread in the first place? During the period of Muhammad, they made the entire Arabian Peninsula judenfrei, and forced arab traditional polytheists or christians to become muslim or literally loose their head. Then they conquered the polytheistic Persian empire, the christian area that is modern day Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, and Libya. All under the 1st Caliphate under Rashidun, ca 650 CE. Ca 700 during the second Caliphate under Umayyad, they conquered the rest of christian North-Africa, Spain, hindu parts of India (todays Pakistan), hindu and buddhist Afghanistan, and various parts of then christian caucasus.

    None of these imperial conquests was done by peacefull means. They were all done by brute force.

    Later ofcourse came violent conquests of the christian Byzantine empire (todays Turkey), the Balkans, Greece, France, Austria and Hungary, Indonesia, East-China (Thailand, Burma, Malaya and parts of China proper). Some places they were fought back, others they prevailed. To this day. And the conflict due to islamist expansionism continues.
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    Teddy Roosevelt had an important insight into this:


  13. You do now that there are over one billion(1,000,000,000) Muslims in the world right? Not all of them extremists mind you, and all varying in skin color, though the majority is Arab(since you brought up the whole race thing). I'm just asking what you're going to do with 1,000,000,000 religiously racist extremists? Surely you're not going to kill them all? I'd almost like to see you try Drone, I know you would fail.

    I laugh because you old Christians are acting just like the Jews did when Jesus of Nazareth came along. You're probably in the same position as all those pagans that you burned too, only instead of fearing the steak you fear the bomb vest. Don't worry, you're just loosing some of your power in the world. It's just history repeating itself.
  14. No shit sherlock. Why do people like you constantly need to point that out?

    I didn't bring up a race thing, I was specifically talking about perception and left winger's typically inconsistent attitudes.

    Well, I'd never suggest such a retarded thing. You're just making shit up in that little mind of yours. I want to fight the EXTREMISTS.

    Read that over and over till it sinks in.

    WRONG. I'm not the least bit religious. I don't believe in organized religion, or a big man in the sky.

    Huh? :confused:

  15. I'm just curious about how any of you plan to deal with such an army of racist hatred
  16. I know you weren't asking me, but I'd give them all Rufinol and then bathe and shave them.

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