Discussion in 'General' started by KingBong420, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. Who else agrees with me that blow is a great movie?
  2. i thought it was pretty good but if i remember right, i thought it was a little long. and i hated how he got busted by his own buds!
  3. yea that was a bit shitty how he got busted by his good buds, but all in all it was a damn good movie!
  4. it was a great movie, one of the best ever made.
  5. yeah... blow is a great movie ...
  6. awesome movie... i have it on vhs :D
  7. totally, a great movie
  8. I especially liked the first half.
  9. Diego that movie...he went by the name Carlos Lehder. He bought an island in the Bahama's and named it Norman's Cay. He trafficked cocaine from Colombia into the United States, using his island as a resort for women, gas, and drugs.

    My mom is writing a book on him, she said the movie's portrayal of him was extremely under-rated. (She knows Carlos personally, she represented him at one point.)
  10. crazy elf, that guy was a jerk lol. I love that movie one of my favorites... really sad though, sure as hell made me never want to sell drugs or do cocaine...
  11. Good movie!
  12. yeah it can kinda scare ya. especially if yuo sell...

  13. i luv that movie!!! its so sad when he gets put in jail for ever by his own friends!!!!!!!
  14. i just rented it again last night man and it still fukin rocks
  15. Its a sad movie..... he keeps getting screwed by everyone......
    poor george.
  16. yea i love it man
  17. Loved it. Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the funeral? It's a nice little instrumental.
  18. great movie? no.. okay movie.. it has its flaws.. but definitely worth checking out if you're into the drug culture.. IMO, Traffic is a much superior movie, it can appeal to anybody and has a sharp message at the end, not to mention some cool cinematography and editing techniques
  19. ...Yea what he said. (rolling a joint)
  20. is the guy out of jail yet? it shouldnt be too long now if he isnt.

    i personally loved the movie. i was dealing weed at the time, and i thought it was awesome how much george kicked ass.

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