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    alright, this guy smoked me out a fat pretty kb blunt today.
    we made out some, partly naked.

    and then i asked:
    "do you want head?"

    and he was kind of like, uhhh. he asked if i wanted to give head, and i said, yea, that is why i asked.

    his confused reaction has me a little confused too.

    is this bad that i offered? is, attractive? or unattractive?
    should i not do that so soon?

    i like giving head, i think it is fun and easy.

    so we did the deed, and i had to go. he called it "unexpected".

    he says he wants to hang out tomorrow, but i have this feeling he won't call me back...

    thoughts? i just can't understand men...
  2. ha well damn, sounds like a lucky lil bastard.

    id have to say,id call back. ill smoke a blunt with you any day of the week:D
  3. Getting head while high is the most AMAZING experience EVER! I dont know of any guy that would turn that down!
  4. he shoulda returned the favor.
  5. its sexy as when a girl asks you if they can give you head, godddddaammmmmm
  6. blow
    please :(
  7. [​IMG]

    You offered to blow him because he smoked you a blunt?

    So lady like! Parents must be proud.
  8. I'm now wondering what she would do for a $100.

  9. ^^^^^^^^THIS!!!!^^^^^^^;):smoke:
  10. Damn girl... you're driving me nuts here.

    I think you shouldn't have asked him.

    No need to ask, just do it.

  11. getting some brain while smoking a blunt FTW
  12. If a girl I was smoking with asked me,

    "Do you want a bj?"

    I'll answer it by dropping my pants.
  13. Unless I didn't take shower for two days or I had a zit on my dick...

    Other than those, I can't think of any other reasons why I wouldn't pop my dick out.

    Oh... the idea... of getting a blowjob from MaryJane...

  14. lol!! maybe he was confused how you asked,

    especially if you said exactly "do you head?"
    if i got asked that i would probably think that YOU wanted head ( @ op )
    if he doesn't holla back, his loss? no offense but he might not want commitment or some shit... but disregard all of that if he does hit you back up; lol.

    gawd.. i hope the west coast has some cool stoner chicks, i cant stand NC anymore.
  15. Why the fuck do you chill with weird ass guys? Where do you find them?
  16. she sounds weird to me. if i smoked a girl up and she just gave me head i wouldnt think much of her other thn a hoe
  17. see so i'm getting part, yea its alright you did, part youre a slut.

    still not sure.
    still no communication.
  18. Do you have a "thing" with this guy or was this a first?
    because if you just went out on a whim and did this out of no where, i would look at it as a no strings attached type of deal. ( IMO no strings attached or Friend with benefits =/= sluts or man whores lol, but that could just be me)

    people will always criticize..
  19. Hey op, I'm from the 402 too. blunt for head? he would be a dumbass not to hang with you again.

    It was a good smokeout, makeout, and i get sexual when i'm high alone with a guy that is like that, and i enjoy making other people happy.

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