BLOOMSPECT 1000w led grow light good?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Daddyjo323, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. I'm looking into purchasing a led grow light that's of course a decent price and has decent reviews but can't find much on this light. Has anyone ever used a BLOOMSPECT and if so is it worth it?
  2. Waste of time and money those things, if you are just playing around or growing leafy veg or flowers it will work on a limited basis. The real deal grow lights are being built DIY style. Lots to read and learn. Quantum Boards are all the rage these days.

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  3. I wouldn't rush to the Bloomspect 1000w LED grow light. It's inefficient, to be honest.

    DIY boards are good but if you want to steer away, it's best to do your research. You are going to find several options and not all will work.

    I'd go through a proper guide first:
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    Thats what this forum and others (rollitup) are for, so people can see what others have done and what does and doesnt work. These "best grow light" type articles are just steering people to old retail crap that costs 3-4x more than it should. There is not a single retail LED grow light that can match current DIY builds.

    I am in the middle of a Bridgelux eb strip build and when I am done my total cost per watt is going to be about $1 and I will be running 159 lumens per watt. 80 cri, 440 watts total. 2 spectrums and both dimmable to 10% using 2 drivers. I will add UVA/B and Far reds on separate strips (heat sinks are in, just waiting on the diodes from alibaba). Best part, all quick connects, no soldering. The Samsung F series strip are even MORE efficient! The Veros apparently cannot be beat for a full veg through flower COB, most guys are saying 3500K is all round the best colour temp. I am building mine with 5700K and 3000K in equal amounts both dimmable just to experiment. Its not rocket surgery and you get WAY WAY more for your money.
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    Mars hydro 600 in the tent and when you turn on the bloomspect 300 its like the Marz was never on
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  7. I have 2 of the 300w and one 600w I'm getting as a gift for Christmas....but they are great I'd say pull 130w from the wall my yield is 90 to 110Gs per plant on a two month veg. Electric bill is low! Yields are nice.. they have BridgeLux/eplied LED's fans are so quite you'll be checking to see if those bitches are even running has secondary lenses for better penetration through canopy and I agree it works...2 year warranty, daisy chain, runs cool. Overall I'd say good investment says it last 100,000 hours the warranty for two years....I can't speak to much on these people building lights with wires all hanging out in the open...idk how that safe (ik sounds gay to say but it's true) at least like wrap the wires up and shit...looks like a house fire waiting to happen..IDC .... and if these cheap lights pull the same watts as these other panels I'd go with the Chinese ones because they don't cost 600 to make lol....I might be wrong but from what I know is what ever the actual wattage draw the wattage your actual getting from the light not what's "advertised" on the box.... And yeah prolly those expensive panels give you the most specific light waves?? Idk I need to do more research on that ish lol


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