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    FFTB=tiger bloom

    just started bloom and am planning on using the following feeding schedule uping the doses when the time comes. i want to know if my water n feed schedule sounds okay...water and molasses one week, then water and fftb the next, so on and so forth...no straight/just water is given in between//except a couple times when i needed to flush earlier in seedling\\
    dosage for ea.:

    i am day 3 bloom so no visible buds yet but pistils are lookin good! my medium and pot size is FFOF and a small tupperware container,roughly quart sized maybe//i keep a small plant\\ temps, humidity, pH lvls, etc are all in order.

    just looking to keep it as healthy as it can get using only these nutes and additives so any advice from you all here in the organic sub would be SWEET!
  2. actually i would like to just scratch that first post. how does everyone think of this...

    fftb one week, molasses the next, straight water for the third. cycle continues again.

  3. You will get better responses in the indoor growing area as Tiger Bloom is not organic. If you have space a bigger container would help. Good luck with your plant.
  4. LilDize,

    I moved your thread here so you get more responses to your question. FFTB is not considered an "organic" nutrient, and the good folks here in this forum should be a lot more help.

  5. you can definitely use more tiger bloom than that. i use like 2 teaspoons per gallon and that is coupled into my feeding regimen with solubles, myccohrizae, big bloom, and molasses. you should check out the complete line-up of fox farms in the feeding regimen on the website. also if you are looking to do a completely organic grow, you'll have to ditch all that stuff wince it isnt organic.
  6. hey thanks!

    2 tsp? okay great! yea i will be buming it up to 2 next feeding. also i am currently using molasses as well and. thats all for the nutes. reason i was using it at 1 tsp/gal is because its a verrrrry small plant. ive LST and topped 2x and its a fat little mini bush now:cool: pistils are lookin great now and leaves are coming in much more green.
  7. just remember to give it plain water in between feedings. also i run very high concentrations because i am flushing with sledghammer every 3 weeks.
  8. nice. yea i go every other watering anywayz. interesting that you mention high concentration and flush cuz i was thinkin bout pickin up some royal flush by humboldt nut.
  9. whatever you can get. i use sledghammer because i went with the entire foxfarm and bushdoctor lineup. i highly suggest the soluble trio from foxfarm, i have had great success with it and it lasts forever.
  10. i may try solubles next grow. molasses and bloom nute just seemed best for my particular situation. i di need to get some flush soon though. ive heard good things but wouldnt mind some opposing thoughts either. im multi faceted that way:smoke::D

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