Bloom Journal.. two weeks into 12/12

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    Hello, everyone. These plants are about 5 weeks from seed, and two and a half weeks into bloom. I expect to harvest in about three-four weeks.

    There are 'POG', 'Train Wreck', 'Haze', 'White Widow', 'Devastating Train Wreck', 'Green Erkel', 'Cheese', 'Purple Widow', 'Green Apple Haze', and a 'Sour Diesel' in the room.. may be forgetting something. They are fed Dutch Master Gold, are in 3-4gallon pots of coco/potting mix, and they are under 2 x 1,000watt + 1 x 430watt HPS.

    I have a "veg" room currently in bloom as well, as it doubles as a breeder room from time to time. Photos of that later. The last shot (or the first, if they load backwards.. first time posting here) is a wide-spread view, I had to take two shots to get the whole room and paste them together as best I could. Hopefully I'm back soon, but I haven't been very good with keeping up with my forums lately :)

    Cheers, ~Bad

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  2. A few random grow pics from my gardens over the last couple years

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  3. I remembered to get a few pics of the smaller 1,000watt veg/breeding room before the light went out today.

    Normally I would just take seedlings through their first two weeks of veg in this room before spreading them out in the larger room, but I'm moving house the first week of the following month.

    So, rather than throw the plants away, where this crop won't be done in time for smoking, I decided to do another round of breeding and use the waste for hash.

    The dried yellow plant is the stud, a male POG 8, it's my favorite strain in general and good for crosses when I have a few new seeds and strains but end up with no males, and no time to induce a female into making some pollen. There are female POG 9, POG 8, Train Wreck, Devastating Train Wreck, Feralocity, and a strain I'm trialing from Vermont being pollinated in this room. Most are first-crosses and I'm looking at them as side projects.

    A few are crosses I've already been working on to include the POG for several generations, that's where the devastation in the train wreck comes in. I've been isolating my favorite traits in a strong line of POG I simply call POG 8. I've also been experimenting with an alternate pheno with a bigger yield and mellower stone in POG 9, and have a tried and true pheno isolated that I call Frost POG.. new photos of her in the big room to follow.

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    And some more photos of the big 2,400watt room. If the photo order comes out right, the descriptions should match the photos.

    1) A group shot, as best I could. In the back left are 'Green Erkel', and 'Sour Diesel', middle left is 'Widow of Oz', or Australian White Widow. In the back right are 'POG 8'. In the middle are some 'Devastating Train Wreck'. To the left front is 'Feralocity', right front 'White Widow'.

    2) The very tall bud with my hand near it is 'Feralocity', a once clone-only strain I picked up in Australia, by forcing a female to produce some male pollen so I could bring it over seas while I travel and grow. This is the plant that produced the bud in my avatar. It's been a rough one to breed, in 4 years I've come up with some great plants from it, but still haven't managed to come up with a plant exactly like the mother. The original lady herself has been cloned for over 20 years, and counting.

    3) This is 'POG # 9'. I didn't seem to take any good photos of 'POG # 8' but she's in there, with her smaller buds, skunkier taste, very devastating high. But the '9' has a better yield, easier to handle high for afternoons, and is lighter on the skunk with an extra flowery-lime taste that reminds me slightly of some haze crosses.

    4) 'Frost POG', mediocre yielder, produces more than the '8' and less than the '9', but she has an amazing resin content starting as early as the first week of bloom, even seeing some rare glands on fan leaves during veg. Very classy, fresh lemon-pine taste with hints of skunk.

    5) 'Frost POG'

    6) Close leaves on 'Devastating Train Wreck'.

    7) Some lower leaves on the 'Devastating Train Wreck'. I had a few original 'Train Wreck' clones which I crossed with male pollen induced from a very potent POG 8 female. The offspring were then bred for a few years to isolate the better phenos, making it more stable, and she was crossed again with a strong smelling true POG 8 male. Another year and 4 isolation breeds later, 'Devastating Train Wreck' was born.

    8) POG 9 again.

    Edited to mention 'Day 19 of 12/12'. The room is 3-4 weeks until harvest.

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  5. Wow.. That's some sick shit cuz.. I'm paying attention!
  6. Very very nice setup. I cant believe they are only 5 weeks from seed!:eek::eek::eek:

  7. holy fucksauce thats a huge nug
  8. Thanks guys, I've been doing this a little while now.. I've grown in about 10 different locations, on two continents, and in three countries, so I've had to become good with keeping up with and controlling my environment, and that's very key to fast growth and a great yield :)
  9. Damn man your pics are beast!! Epic collection of different plants and phenotypes; this is the reason why growing is truly an art! Definitely subbing to this. Props brotha, hope your ladies yield some fine ass nugs :smoking:
  10. You had me at dowels and white tarps.
  11. Holy cow! Beauitiful plants, Bad! Mmmmmmm! :D
  12. You got some good looking girls in there fella.

    Good growing to ya.
  13. Bad Kitty with a Good Eye. Those are some nice photos. Excellent light techniques.

  14. You gots mad skills. Props. I have no desire for a large op, for now atleast. What I do want is for those few plants that I do grow to look like such beast as yours. So far, My first Harvest has been a huge success. Small plant and not the biggest buds but I do think they are more than I was originally hoping for. I see my next harvest only growing in size substantially. More time, more experience, more money, and more gear later and I see great things in the future... Untill then, I'll just have to settle for the pretty pictures of your grow.
  15. Damn, you've got the skillz to pay the billz don't you? Awesome photo's you've got there, I only hope to be uploading such photo's in the near future! :eek:
  16. Thought I would swing your way, didn't really have the time yesterday. Although when I saw the pic in your sig spot, I figured your grow and journal would be something special.

    Yeah, I was right about that....

    Awesome pics bro, they say everything about your knowledge and experience with the herb. I hope to grow at that level with more experience.

    Thanks for checking out my grow the other day, it will be expanding through next week with the addition of more plants, and the stretch phase. Check back whenever you'd like.

    Stay up
  17. Yeah definitely stay up! We'd love to see more!
  18. Thank you for all the kind words guys :) Maybe you can tell I've done the forum thing before, for several years I was a moderator for two popular canna forums, both of which were shut down several years back, the last one about 5 years ago now.

    I don't have an interest in modding any longer or butting in and giving much advice, it gave me too many headaches and heartaches at the time, lol, for now I'm much happier to give a few words of encouragement and leave it at that :) Everyone has their own methods which suit them just fine after all, if everyone followed a single book of rules we'd never have made some of the great advancements we have in this culture.

    In a few minutes I'm going to post an easy free 'bubble' hash recipe with photo instructions, I've used it on other forums and thought it may interest those of you with some spare leaf hanging around :) Just taking a moment to organize the photos, now..
  19. Hi everyone, I make my bubble hash using the same sort of methods I've already seen here. It's got me off and making a fresh batch the last day or so, while preparing I decided to take photos along the way so I could share my personal method with you. There are some pretty glamorous trich shots at the end of their bath [​IMG]

    What you'll need;

    - a half oz trim, dry weight, or however much wet trim you can fit in ur blender

    - a small powerful blender

    - a glass container or sorts, I prefer a vase for the easy decanting.. easy to pour off the water without much of the sediment/glands going too

    - a siphoning straw

    - a screen mesh. I've seen hoisery and such used here, I found a nylon bag in my storage with smaller holes, some re-usable coffee filters work also

    - an additional large container, I use a large 4-cup glass measuring cup

    - a metal or plastic screen kitchen strainer, or a spare coffee pot

    - a paper coffee filter, halved

    - gallon freezer bag

    - a knife

    - ice

    Put your trim in the freezer for about a half hour, then when the inside of the bag as hit freezing quickly add a handful of ice cubes to the bag in contact with the leaves and wait one hour, (or like I do, wait until you get around to it [​IMG] ) With wet trim that you want to blend asap, leave the bag in there for two hours, add ice, then another few hours until it's frozen and crunchy/brittle. I've also done a run with wet trim from vegging males and females to show here.. there's plenty of free hash to be found in your usually tossable leaf matter :)

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  20. First thing's first, separate all your woodier bits from the trim, if your blender is good enough the leaf stems are fine and useful to leave in as they contain a decent portion of the resins you're trying to salvage. Add to the blender, I have a small hand-held blender that is perfect for this, makes mixed drinks very nicely as well [​IMG] And that's sort of what you'll want to do, add a good half a cup of water, and a half of a cup of ice cubes, then blend until it looks nearly drinkable.

    You'll want to do beforehand what I've done to my vase in the photo above, sort of tuck your net inside and fold the opening around the rim. I actually had to stitch a drawstring into it mine it started out as a square piece of fabric. The drawstring method will be used again later with a different piece of equipment [​IMG] Unfortunately as it was messy and I had no help at the time, I don't have a shot of the pouring and straining, but once you've dumped your blended mix into the 'basket' of mesh, you'll want to quickly rinse your hands of any debris, then grab, wrap and squeeze it hard into your vase. Then take the block of frozen ice and trim out of the net, back into the blend with another splash of water and ice for another run, just to make sure you get it all (and even then I freeze mine in case I feel like running it again another time.. usually I have more fresh material before it's necessary [​IMG] )

    Here, I've done one batch of veg leaf cut with a small amount of dry veg trim.

    And a separate batch from the dry trim of one of my best recently harvested POGS, in the photos you'll see the veg leaf re-blending, the bag of frozen wet leaf, then the product you can choose to either discard or freeze for later use.

    Finally you'll see the amount of sediment that has occurred just since the pressing, this photo was taken immediately after finishing the squeezing process.

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