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  1. Hey guys,
    Been using Foxfarms up to now (pretty happy) and just started to bloom this past week. Would you continue with the fox farm bloom ferts or should I try A.N or Technaflora ?
  2. Can't personally speak about much besides AN ph perfect(connessueir or sensi). This is my first go at it and I'm using thier sensi coco in coco, and since I've been using it the ph stays within a reasonable range even at 1/4 strength. My big question for you is, What grow medium is your plant in?

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  3. I'm in soil...
  4. Any of those 3 will work great. If you're using FF trio id stick to it. Don't change what's not broken.
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  5. Much agreed on that point.

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  6. Thank you guys! I'll stick to FF big bloom and tiger bloom for this cycle! Cheers!

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