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  1. Hey everyone I have been using GT coco bloom a and b, rock resinator and pk13 14 at around week 4 for years now with very good results but have been thinking about trying something new and just wondering what combo's you guys use? Thanks
    I would put pics up but it won't let me upload them of an iPad ::mad:
  2. if its been working very well, i wouldnt change it
  3. Thanks for the comment, I will be sticking with it but I am keen to try some new combos on say one or two plants and see what happens cant hurt to experiment a bit, knoledge is power right? Lol
  4. I'm not rocking bloom boosters much anymore but I was always happy with the results from a combination of Botanicare Hydroplex as a 0-10-6 phosphorus booster and Advanced nutrients Big Bud dry as a potassium booster with a profile something like 1-19-36 or something to that effect.

    2ml/g of the Hydroplex and .5grams per gallon on the BB dry to supplement a pretty balanced system with some pk.

    These days I am going to be trying out General Organics BioBud (probably) as a bloom enhancer. I always use CES Uncle Johns Blend as a resin enhancer. Stuff works exactly as advertised and is much less expensive than other snake oil products like Snow Storm Ultra.

    How you supplement, and with what, depends a lot on what your primary nute program is missing. I found the Hydroplex/BB combo was a good fit for the base 5-4-3 of Canna coco A+B rather than using cannazym and pk13/14.
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    i had good results with AN BB and their carbo-load... at the mo im using PK... may go back to the BB soon tho... the BB seemed less aggressive
  6. I took alook at the uncle johns blend and the ces website I'm going get the hydro shop to order me some, was thinking of giving the cyco bloom range a go, I use their uptake and silica, works well and is easy on the wallet lol, plus it's made locally so it may be suited to my climate a bit better.has anyone tried it?

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