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Blood work

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HiddenPipe, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Say If i went to go get blood work would the THC show up or will that only show up in your Piss?
  2. Its only detectable in blood like 2 max 3 days after use.
  3. Why would they be testing for it?
  4. My friend is just paranoid that it will show up so I decided to find out.
  5. It will, trust me
  6. You have nothing to worry about if its simple blood work. If its probation then be worried..but just going to the doctor for something else than your fine.
  7. Perfect, now maybe my friend wont be so paranoid, Thanks!.
  8. Even if at the doctors they do test for it for some reason, other than legal matters; Doctor-Patient confidentiality would prevent him from even being able to talk about it.
  9. I forgot about the doctor patient confidentiality thing. Thanks.
  10. i got blood work done after a week of smoking everyday. theyre not testing for THC. your fine.
  11. someone told me that if they do specific tests for thc in ur blood they can detect it even if u havent smoked for 1 or 2 months!
    but if youre just getting routine blood work done you'll be fine, as they can only detect thc if they test for it, and they wouldn't test without reason
  12. I hate blood work. I don't see how anyone can willingly get blood work just to find out something so trivial.

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