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Blood Test coming up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RadRastaRussian, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. I know this is just like other threads all over the place, but I was hoping for a more personalized answer, you know? Ok, here it is:

    My mom caught me a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely can't get caught again. She told me that she thinks I have low blood sugar and she says she's taking me to the doctor in about a week and a half to have my blood tested. So somewhere between April 7 - April 15. The last time I smoked was on March 27. To save you the math, that's 11 days MINIMUM. If it affects anything, I'm 5'10" and around 120 lbs. with a fast metabolism.

    Ive seen that THC is gone from the bloodstream in 3-5 days maximum, but I just wanted to be sure :smoke:
  2. If it's that soon just say ur still dirty from the last time u smoked cus u smoked alot lol not to hard
  3. Im pretty sure thc is fat soluble and it doesnt remain in the blood stream for long. Unless you work out a lot and it gets broken down into the bloodstream.

    Dont take my advice at face value. I think im wrong but who knows.
  4. Went to doctor for blood test. Weed comes up im sure. Not relevant. Go back home.
  5. Its a blood test for diabetes, not a blood test for drugs. My girlfriend had the same thing happen.

    Chill, your gonna be ok! :)

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