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Blood test at doctors? Show THC?

Discussion in 'General' started by blunts And More, Feb 3, 2005.

  1. hey whats up quick question

    when you get a blood test at the doctors are they going to see the thc level in your blood. the test is to see for a ADD medication..
  2. why would they give a flying fuck?
  3. umm im saying maybey they wont give me my medication if i have thc show up
  4. how do you use blood to test for add? thought add was something to do with how well you can pay attention to things.. has nothing to do with blood
  5. I know but they doctor said next time I go back I need to take a blood test before I get my medication..
    just not sure so i asked here
  6. I have ADD and my doctor is making me do the same thing next week i need a blood test, an eye test, and some other stuff to see what medication he should put me on. i was wondering the same thing.
  7. well dont worry i'm sure he wont care, he'll give you the medication.
  8. The test might show THC in your system. But you're at least 18, and patient confidentiality laws say that the doctor can't reveal that information to anyone. I was in the hospital due to an allergic reaction and they did blood tests and found THC in my system. The doctor didn't tell me until about six months later at a doctors appointment. He told me he had to wait til I was the only one in the room to tell me it, but he didn't have a problem with it. He actually told me for a constant year in high school he was high everyday and he absolutely loved it. :D
  9. true, he won't even give a fuck thats not what he's lookin for anyway
  10. They could test for it, but unless they have reason they won't run that extra test too. Most of the time, they just stick to what's necessary.
  11. i think what he means if they find thc in him they wont give him his medication because they will think he will abuse it? if u can even abuse that stuff if u are add..
  12. If they are even testing your blood for drugs, it would most likely be for Ampthetemines and Benzo's, which are sometimes used to treat ADD. This is meant to detere people attempting to fraudently receive a prescription.

  13. see that ^ ?? it's not like this is heroin we're talkin about, it's pot, a drug that the majority of american people have used at one time or another in their lives, on top of that, there's the patient confidentiality laws, you've got nothing to worry about
  14. i fthey see pot in the blood then no they wont guve u meds,my buddie had the same thing and they took him off,cuz if they didnt he would died(i think is bs)but hey belve the docs,they kno everything lol

  15. yep there not gonna be testing for thc........however if they were.........theres a good chance you would be certifiably fucked............
  16. isnt the test for THC something different?

    well.. i went to the docs cuz i was feeling really bad once.. and he had me do a blood test.. (i had just smoked the day before..) .. but no.. nothing came up.. cuz i think they dont test for it.. plus.. if they find anything.. they cant say shit to anyone
  17. fuck that.... you CAN NOT get in trouble. Even when i was a minor i went in to see my doctor and he was going to take a blood test and i was like you guys have to be confidential right? and he was like yeah we wont and cant legaly inform the authorities of your usage. and i asked him what about parentals and he said he could only tell them if they specificaly requested it.

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