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    I've got a plant about 8-9 weeks into flower. First time grow to get my bearings and learn. I've been watching the calyxs and trichs to determine harvest time. The pistils seem to have receded quite a bit into the calyx and withered a bit. My trichs however; there are still clear towards the top of my buds. But below the first quarter inch or so, they seem to be mostly cloudy with I'd say 5-10 percent amber. But GET THIS, I've checked this a dozen times to make sure my eyes aren't tricking me, and they're not. But I am seeing several blood red heads on some nuggets. What the hell is this? Haha I have no idea and I did a quick search and didn't find anything online. I'd really like to know what causes this, and if it's a simple physical mutation or something that could potentially mean a more negative outcome.
    Vegged for around 3 months due to rookie mistake of ripping most of the root system out in a transplant after the first couple weeks of growth. She held on though.
    Not sure on the strain.
    Medium: Fox farm OF 15% added perlite
    Nutes: general hydro for veg, For farm tiger bloom and big bloom through flower. Pretty much max recommended dose through all cycles. She handles it well.
    Grown under 10 23w 2700k soft white bulbs. Planning on getting a whole new light setup for my first actual crop. This was just a cheap way to get my first attempt in.
    Super cropped several times to Attempt a carpet effect.
    Heavy lst through most of veg and all of flower.
    But back to the question at hand.
    Why the hell do I have dragon blood red trichomes?
    They're in the last picture of just the one finger. They're much more red in person. Took the pictures through a loop with my phone. Bear with me.
    Also, your opinion on if it's ready for harvest? I was aiming for 75 clear 25 amber. Wanting majority cerebral with a nice body buzz.

    Really appreciate any answers! Really boggled on this and would love to hear ideas on what could possible be the contributin factor, or if you guys have ever experienced this before!

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  2. I've never seen that.
    That's awesome,
    Did you have any extreme temps late in flower, and did you spray anything on your flowers ,
    Also was there any purpling, or deficiencies in flower,?
    Maybe just a genetic thing?

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  3. I dropped the temps to around 68 a few weeks ago to finish out flower a little cooler. I've heard cooler temps help with trichome production in flower so just decided why not try. That was the same time I changed her from 12/12 to 16/8. About a week ago I had to move her to a different closet because we had some painting/remodeling to do to the room it was in. The new closet gets pretty hot since we have to cover it to block light. No output fan just a box fan blowing inside right now. I'd say temps are up to around 76-82 in there now. So yes crazy temp fluxes. Maybe the crazy hot to cold to hot did it?
    No purpleing or deficiencies.
    I sprayed with Monterey garden spinosad a couple days ago to rid a tiny spider mite problem. Along with a light neem mist. They're gone. But I had seen a few dark reds just a couple days before that. So that wasn't it.
    They look pretty rad though. I wish I could get a better pic.
  4. Also, have an opinion on harvest? Do you think it's ready? The thing getting me is all the clear looking trichs on top of the colas. Then again I can't tell if some of them may just be light cloudy. Everywhere else, except for the tiny popcorn buds( they're all cloudy with some clear), is a mix between cloudy and amber. I think I'm planning on doing an extended harvest. Cutting all of the ripe buds off, trimming it down, and lowering the lights to let the popcorns grow just a bit more.
    If so I'm going to do a flush and harvest in three days or so.
  5. If the popcorn buds are going cloudy I find my tops are done by then my popcorn usually takes a week or 2 longer than my tops. Do you have a loupe to see them clear or is this the best it gets? I'd give them a flush, a week and then 2 days of darkness to finish but that's just me

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    It's genetics. I've had magenta trichomes off the plant in my profile pic. I love the purple ones.

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  7. What strain did those come off of? Looks awesome!
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  8. You look ready for chop. And yeah just genetics.
  9. Those look really cool:thumbsup:
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  10. Actually bagseed from something my buddy had. I don't remember the strain
  11. Cool I'll probably take your advice today and go ahead and flush. I've been thinking about doing a dark period before harvest also.
    Thanks man:smoking-banana:
  12. I
    i knew your's were Bagseed and thus had no known strain :( I was referring to all of them takens purple trichomes. Though I would love to know your strain as well, I knew you didn't know. :GettingStoned:
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  13. Also The pictures were through my loupe but it's only a 40x and taking pics through it kind of lowers the quality of the image. Should have gotten a 60x in the first place.
  14. Haha just waking up and didn't think of that.
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  15. It was a bagseed, never got a clone :(
  16. Would
    Also, after the two days of darkness, would you harvest the whole thing, or just the tops and let those bottom baby's mature more?
    That's a bummer. I've never seen trichs that pretty.
    Think my comments are messing up or something because this was supposed to be a reply to taken lol
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  17. Well shit maybe I can hope for my Unknown bagseeds putting off colors like that. Does anyone know of any known strains that put off trichomes like this? Purple or blood red? Other weird colors?
  18. should have re vegged her then took a clone man the colours are un real

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  19. This. My last plant had random purple trichs.
  20. Well id check but ever grow I cut down the full plant this will be my first time I know I have to let it mature first. I usually use popcorn for butter anyway so if they ain't ready they still do the trick but usually I get about 75% cloudy if I do the trick. You don't need to do dark period I see resin rise so I do it

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