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  1. People have different opinions and passions about this organic nutrient. I've always been pretty neutral ... until recently.

    Blood meal is typically listed as a 'water insoluble' N source. Take a Tbsp or two of blood meal and put it in a jar with a lid and 8 ounces of water. Let it sit for 24 hours with vigorous shakes here and there. Better yet and for quicker and more dramatic results, put it in a jar with water and set the jar in a simmering, low heat, pot of water for about 2 hours. The result you see may just change your mind about ever using it in your garden again. Ever.

    There are better ways to get a plant N than this stuff. Depends on your mindset I reckon. Just an opinion.
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    Blood meal is organic so I would use it but I don't like where the blood comes from. It's a by-product of the beef industry. The cows are drained of blood as they die and it's collected and dried
    In many cases the cows will be on steroids and anti-biotics and also feed a poor diet


  3. Well actually it's really bits of meat floating in water if you wanna get technical, it's a suspension and it isn't supposed to mix into solution. You use the water to float the bits into the dirt and the plant feeds on it's brokendown constituents. Same with most of the stuff we put into water to feed our plants. I like alfalpha more and it just suspends in water too actually.
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    I think I'd rather rely on stuff like:
    Fish meal (edit:.duh. Thanks LD)
    Soybean meal
    Alfalfa meal
    Neem seed meal
    Bone and blood meal seem unnecessary.
    Probably work good though.
    Nice post. I see we agree.
  5. Meat protein = not available to a plant under any circumstance and in particular meat from livestock. Fish protein is easily broken down and assimilated.

    Protein converted to carbohydrates by soil microbes - completely available.

    Plant-based material - more easily available for conversion by soil microbes.

  6. I still use it if I need a quick shot of N.

    That's getting to be very seldom as I get my mixes more dialed in with the alfalfa meal as the primary N source.


  7. Yeh. I get it with blood meal being an organic nutrient for plants. But damn. Dissolved in water and looking at the result (blood) I'm of the opine I'd rather pee on my plants than put this stuff on 'em. (And neither of the two shall enter my garden - I've offered my opine on human waste, biosolids, all that). I'm "green" organic from here on out. It's just plant material, minerals, and water for moi and my damsels.

    Thought I'd throw out the results of what I experienced. Something to do I reckon. I just don't like the thought or look of dilluted blood meal. Yek! :eek:
  8. LOL, Yeah, you add water to dried blood and get ..........

    Never did care much for it, organic or not for just that reason ^^ and that's why I'm moving to plant based stuff.

    Can't wait to get my Comfrey bed going when the ground thaws.

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    Ok so this is somewhat relevant, I think.

    I picked up some Plant Success Granular Mycorrhizae today. Mosty to use on landscaping and veggie garden instead of using my VAM.

    Derived from:
    hydrolyzed feather meal, meat meal, bone meal, poultry meal, blood meal, fish meal and langbenite.


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  10. tiger blood?
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    Ummm...yeah, like that. thanks LD. blood is kinda nasty too. i spend a lot of my time trying to stop blood from flowing out of folks, i stay away from it at home. alfalfa and nettles win i think.

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