blood meal

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  1. this is the only fetrtilizer i have available right now and my plants are 3 weeks old now. When should i start to use this, how much do i put on, and how often?
  2. after 5 weeks or so. i would give 1/2 strength at first, and gradully make it stronger.

    you should have mixed bone and blood meal from the beggining into the soil
  3. Be careful! Adding too much will burn your plant!

    Bone Meal and Blood Mean are only two parts to a good fert.

    A good fert will be 20 (Nitrogen) - 20 (Phosphorus) - 20 (Potassium)
    obviously the amount of each element will vary from fert to fert

    Blood meal is only a source of nitrogen
    Bone Meal is a
    only source phosphorus

    You will need a source of Potassium to maintain good plant health.


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