Blood Meal during Vegetation

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Wavy Gravy, Sep 26, 2002.

  1. Would you advise me to add blood meal to the top layer of soil during vegging. I am into 32 days of vegetation. The leaves seem to be turning yellow.

    I've not watered too much. Once in twice days.

    Also, I am using liquid fetz 15-10-15 Scultz.

    Here's a pic to show the yellowness.


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  2. Hey man, You need to asap, those roots are almost certianly tangled right now, having all those plants in there will cause them to become defiecient much quicker, its too small of a container for them too, when you transplant, at least use a 3 gal. for them (one in each) they wont continue to grow much longer if you keep them together. hope you save them, as for the bloodmeal, I wouldnt know about this, but I do know you need to transplant!

    Take care, update as you progress.
  3. get them babys into some bigger pots asap, they should be at least twice as tall and much bushier after 32 days, try spraying the foliage with a weak solution of fish emulsion,i use this method along with normal nutrients with great success!
  4. Thanks for the replies! That pic was inserted wrongly.

    Anyways, is a male or female plants suppose to have pod-like seed looking thing under the nodes ?

    I hope they grow up quickly. Those 2 little ones germinated much 20 days ago.

  5. males have seed sacks that look like little balls the females will have fine hair like growth get rid of any males asap as they will turn your other plants male to

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