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Blood in phlegm?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lotsofnosleep, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. Not sure if this is the right forum for this post, please link me to the right one if this is the wrong one. I've been smoking for a few years now. I do not smoke tobacco except for the occasional blunt. Last night while I was playing games, I felt the usual lump of loogie suddenly appear in my throat. I went to spit it and noticed there was a small amount of blood in it. Much less than a teaspoon. Like, a few drops. Now, I've got health anxiety so of course this made me freak out. I've searched the internet high and low for help but everyone else seems to be physically coughing up teaspoons of blood mixed with mucus. When this happened, it was about 30 minutes after a quick sesh with the bong. I also smoked multiple times earlier that day. Now that I've mentioned everything, I should also state that like 5 months ago, I had a bad flu for about a week, during which I didn't smoke at all. At the end of the flu, I noticed phlegm in my lungs. When I breathed I could feel it and sometimes it'd make a noise. The amount of phlegm has definitely lessened but i still get the occasional loogie or feel the mucus in my lungs jump around when I breathe or even make a noise. I need some advice. I plan to quit smoking for a month or so, but I want to know, has this happened to any of you?
  2. problem is not knowing where it came from could had came from the stomach for all we know ,however did your lungs hurt after the sesh? did you take too big of a hit?

    as for the mucus for 5 months? you should start taking antibiotics and decongestion meds.

    at this point cleaning sleeping area is also important using bleach water on walls (you want to kill any molds or viruses) adding air cleaner and a dehumidifier will help also
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  3. You're fine.
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  4. No pain after the sesh, bong rips were the average. Only pain I got was after I spit out the loogie, but it was probably just anxiety acting up. Thanks for the cleaning tips. I'll do research on some antibiotics now
  5. Hoping on it
  6. Weaksauce, just a lil dry sinus. Eat jello.
  7. I didnt think of that. good idea
  8. Or from your throat from coughing too much? Phlegm in your lungs sounds worse?!?! Although i think you may be a bit para
  9. Why in the world would you come to a grow forum for medical advice? Not exactly the spot for any issues you might have. Try a doctor for that. Sounds to me like you're younger (age would've been helpful here) and more than likely it's nothing. To be safe, I would go have a chest x-ray. But it is odd that you do not smoke tobacco and no long term history of smoking not sure why you would have phlegm to start with. Just watch it and if you see it start to occur on a regular basis, definitely have it checked out. If you do have some sort of irritation in your lungs, smoking isn't going to help it heal so laying that to the side for a few weeks would be smart. But blood in the lungs can be a warning sign of something else. If you have a genetic link to lung cancer through family members, get yourself checked now. Many cancers are genetic and those with a heavy family history need closer monitoring than the average bear. But like I said, most likely it's nothing at all...just irritation in the lung. But don't sit around and worry about what's going on with your health, see a doctor and know for sure. Stress alone is enough to make you ill. Best wishes. TWW
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  10. Do yourself a favor and don't consume anything that contains any kind of tobacco along with cannabis as it's going to completely negate a lot of cannabis benefits and then other things. Blood in your phlegm can meet a million different things most of them thankfully are going to be benign however if your concerned see a medical professional don't rely on us for advice we're not doctors.

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